Miller of Kensington

Miller of Kensington – Butchers

Miller of Kensington

Given our penchant for meat, this is the place we’d recommend for premium quality meat.

Great assortment that includes, among other things, partridges, exotic sauces and marinades, and whole host of other goodies.

Miller of Kensington

Seriously though, check out that counter; check out the assortment and range; check out that french rack; that duck; that marinated lamb cutlet; that partridge; that slab of grade-A beef.

Let’s face it, most of us are used to the sub-standard stuff we get from our local butchers.

But believe us boys and girls, once you taste this, nothing sacred will hold… well, okay, it will, but you get what we’re sayin’.

Miller of Kensington

And this is the man behind the… eh, meat; the man with 25+ years of experience.

A lovely, affable, good humoured Egyptian with a ton of jokes under that blood-stained apron.

Forget your local butchers; they simply do not have the connections nor the experience to compete with a rare gem like Miller of Kensington (no, we’re not being paid at all for this).

The taste is in the quality so if you guys want to impress next time you light up a barbie and invite your family or the lads over, blow their chaddees off with some real flesh.

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  • Looks amazing but sadly too far for me.

    31 Jul '14
  • What are the prices like?

    25 Dec '19
  • Where does he source his meat? Any ideas?
    Just wondering how it compares to how the standard halal butchers get theirs
    As I often wonder about the animal welfare practices and quality of our halal meat
    Would love legit alternative

    2 Oct '20
  • I frequent this place, and can honestly vouch for the quality of the chicken / beef,

    21 Nov '20

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