Monga (Taiwanese) China Town, London Halal chicken restaurant

Monga Taiwanese chicken opens in Nottingham tomorrow

HALAL STATUS Fully Halal food menu • Alcohol sold

Monga (Taiwanese) China Town, London Halal chicken restaurant

Having introduced those fantastic Taiwanese chicken we recently reviewed to the UK exactly a year ago, Monga will be serving them in Nottingham from tomorrow.

Launching their second branch in Intu Victoria Centre in the heart of the city at 12pm, we can confirm that owner Yen has confirmed with us that the chicken will again be fully Halal.

We had the pleasure of reviewing this international franchise late last year in Chinatown where we rated them an impressive 4/5.

Enjoying a strong following in Taiwan, they also have branches in Canada and America, Monga is known for its freshness, with chicken orders being “marinated with honey, dipped in batter” and fried-to-order.

No doubt their menu will serve Taiker with Teriyaki sauce and seaweed powder, as well as their Chee-Z Signature with mozzerella cheese, ketchup and a special chilli sauce.

And if they have their Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken, then we’d definitely recommend these alongside their Nuggets seasoned in salt and pepper.

While their branch in London serves a fantastic range of popular bubble and milk teas (franchise Chatime which boasts 22 branchesothers across the UK and over 1000 around the world is also behind said teas), the changes are that these will also be made available at this new one.

Intu Victoria Centre, Nottingham NG1 3QP.

W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: TBC

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