Nabrasa, Brazilian - Earlsfield

Nabrasa (Brazilian) – Earlsfield


2012-03-28 NABRASA

The charming and welcoming owner was kind enough to show us his unique collection of cassette tape cover-designs he did back in the 80s or something for a then relatively unknown Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. We politely humoured him some and commended him for a unique dining experience. Nabrasa essentially offers a Brazilian dining experience in Earlsfield, London.



A good selection of meats along with a solid buffet.


Address: 505 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4SW
Phone: 020 8871 3875
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  • It looks very good. How’s the meat? Any good? If it’s a buffet, it usually isn’t.

    14 Aug '14
    • True, but this is certainly an exception to the buffet rule.
      Very good meat and good assortment of fresh sides to choose from.
      Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t experienced Brazilian like this before.

      23 Aug '14
  • Salaam,
    Flippin’ Propa Halaal Bro! Lol, love it.
    Nabrasa I’d say, having been to some authentic Brazilian eateries in my time, isn’t the best of Brazilian. I’d say it’s good to excellent, but not exceptional. But since there aren’t many halaal ones about, I’d still recommend it if no one’s ever experienced a Brazilian joint before.

    Don’t you lot have a signup form for updates and alerts?


    22 Aug '14
  • Wasalaam Sam,

    Signup form for updates will be implemented soon inshaAllah.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    23 Aug '14
  • Salaam Guys,

    I would highly recommend this restaurant. The food is amazing and service is friendly.

    9 Nov '15

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