Oodles n'Oodles Manchester Noodles Pan-Asian

Oodles n’Oodles opens today on Manchester’s Curry Mile


Oodles n'Oodles Manchester Noodles Pan-Asian

Credit: Oodles n’Oodles; food_bloggers_manchester

Pan-Asian Oodles n’Oodles will be launching today on a well known stretch of road in Manchester that’s known for its South Asian and the Middle Eastern cuisines.

Serving a fusion of cuisines ranging from Thai and Malaysian to Chinese themselves, the brand’s new venue appears to be a big one that’s elegantly decked out.

With one branch in Birmingham’s Star City and the other in Coventry, their third is located on Wilmslow Road, or Curry Mile as it’s affectionately named thanks to its variety of restaurants, takeaways and kebab houses.

This one attracted a good number of Mancunian bloggers on its soft opening a few nights ago with one blogger, Ess_Jayx, describing the experience as “a stunning restaurant with amazing food” while adding: “A lovely experience for sure.”

Oodles n’Oodles is known for its range of seafood options, with set menus available on request, along with an assortment of desserts and fresh mocktails, and caters for special occasions as well as corporate events and large bookings.

Oodles n’Oodles
7 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 5FT.

W: www.oodles-noodles.co.uk | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: TBC

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  • Shit service shit food shit everything!!!! Let me explain the noodles had no flavour other then being a bowl full of chilli powder, and when my family complained not only one but 4 of them they got told your order spicey noodles so you got spicey noodles, I on the other hand got a steak, this steak was dry no sign of seasoning and nothing to go with it apart from a little tiny cup of mash n a smaller cup of sauce I was appalled and when you thought it couldn’t get worse we waited about a 40 minutes for our drinks and when they finally came to us the waiter decided to spill the whole tray down my back after personally complaining to the manager his response was sorry there is nothing we can do for you!!! I was watching my friends snapchat the next day and saw that her and her friend were there same time as us and without even asking she said it was an awful experience the noodles were way tooo hot the food came cold and they also found hair in their food! If I was you I’d avoid this place like the plague.

    27 Dec '19
  • unfortunately i do not have the option to rate this place below a 0.0 but we visited this place on xmas eve with a group of friends. We had visited with the intentions to also order dessert but with the lack of respect and ignorance we had given up eventually.

    We were made to wait an hour and ten minutes after numerous times of chasing Our starters and mains with the waiters. The waiters would check with the chefs but were guided to give us false hope that food would arrive within5-10 minutes each time but it didnt actually turn up till another 15 minutes. The waiter sammy was helpful and understood our concerns but overall a lack of customer service right from food being served and an unfriendly welcome throughout. Although a complimentary dish was given the noodles were off and far too spicy, the food served was cold and we were food poisioned from noodles that were tasteless / off / dry which left us sick over the next 2 days!
    The management and chefs did not acknowledge the poor level of customer satisfaction infact ignored our table. I asked for the bill which wasted another 15 minutes , we asked to pack the egg fried rice home and were ignored by the waiter!! Luckily this was not a birthday shout as the whole vibe left us feeling disguisted and unhappy!

    27 Dec '19
  • I just had dinner at this place
    We ordered chicken / prawns noodles and chicken shashlik . Food was cold and bitter only 2 prawns, half cooked chicken, noodles and vegetables were cold.
    Chicken shashlik was better and warm but rice were cold and very small portion

    15 Jan '20

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