Open Pizza seeks to serve New York-style burgers

By Hasan Ali

Open Pizza - West Ealing, West London

Open Pizza may, at first, look like another one of those many low end burger joints scattered here, there and thither.

20151106_142536On closer inspection though, you’ll notice how this place appears more appealing with a distinctly American feel to its decor

Unlike the many run-of-the-mill takeaways that dish out burgers comprised of your standard slabs of pre-processed meat, the usual sauces, default condiments, and those cheap sesame seed buns, Open Pizza offers something slightly different.

These guys actually know how to make a tasty American-style burger.

And the owner – a very friendly and affable middle-aged Somalian fella – will confirm that this is exactly what Open Pizza’s aim was from the start – to deliver burgers similar to those you’d get in New York, where he resided before moving to London.

As to whether these can really be defined as gourmet is questionable, though we suspect that these are pre-processed.


Open Pizza - tex-mex burger

Tex-Mex – montery jack cheese, hickory BBQ sauce, pickles, sweet chilli, lettuce, tomato, red onion, ketchup and house sauce – £5.69

The hickory BBQ sauce comes through very well with this Tex-Mex burger.

With plentiful monterey jack cheese that’s properly melted, and a large juicy tomato, not only is this a succulent burger, but the nacho gives that surprising textural contrast.

Open Pizza - Mexicana Burger

Mexicana – smoked cheddar, tortilla chips, lettuce, ketchup, red onion, burger relish tomato, sliced red jalapeno, tomato salsa, house sauce – £5.69

The burger relish along with the heat of the jalapenos and the sweetness of the tomato salsa is what makes this burger.

But, it’s the tang delivered by the house sauce that gives this burger the edge over the above.


Open Pizza - Cheese and Tomato Deep Pan

Cheese and Tomato Deep Pan, £5.99 (Large)

A pretty good pizza this with a fairly firm and freshly made base, and fresh ingredients all the way.

This may be a small, unassuming place, but what makes Open Pizza’s burgers in particular stand out are essentially two elements: 1) in-house sauces that bring each respective burger together very nicely, 2) a good quantity of said sauce.

So often, one will find burgers, even those touted as gourmet, that fail in adding a sufficient amount of sauce.

In all though, these are very good burgers that are cooked well (usually hovering around medium well), and presented with crispy, crunchy chips.

And although it’s named Open Pizza, in my opinion, it’s all about the burgers!

35 Broadway,
London W13 9DA

T: 020 8579 9644 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:30-23:00

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