Pakistan Flood Appeal Halal Restaurants London

‘Eat Out, Help Out Pakistan’ flood aid, Royal Nawab donate £100k

Pakistan Flood Appeal Halal Restaurants London

Credit: Tooting Newsie

London’s Halal restaurants have donated tens of thousands of pounds to help millions of people affected by devastating flash floods in Pakistan.

Widespread flooding caused by the monsoon rains has claimed thousands of lives and destroyed over a million homes leading to more than 33 million people being displaced.

With a third of Pakistan said to be submerged as a result, the country’s former prime minister Imran Khan led an emergency telethon last month to raise vital funds for the Pakistan Flood Appeal.

His call was answered by award-winning restaurant Royal Nawab whose founder Mahboob Hussain promised to donate a staggering £100,000 live on-air.

In response, former cricketer Khan lauded Mr Hussain’s contribution and his continued support as an example of “foreign funding” in the cause of Pakistan.

Southall’s iconic curry house Chaudhry’s TKC, which first opened in 1965, also did its bit by managing to raise £2161 towards the relief effort.

Other restaurants followed suit yesterday including six in Tooting who donated between 50-100% of their proceeds towards international charity group Human Appeal.

Steakout, Smacks Hamburgers, Lahore Karahi, Spice Village, Royal Mahal, and Kaspas Desserts coordinated with food blogsite Halal Food Diary to organise the ‘Tooting: Eat Out to Help Out Pakistan’.

The bloggers said: “This is a massive pledge from the restaurants, especially at a time where there is a squeeze on margins due to rising costs.

“The money raised will go towards providing daily hot meals to those affected, as well as health and hygiene items to protect them against water-borne illnesses.”

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