Mumbai’s ‘fine-dining’ Quattro Ristorante Impresses

By Bombayliciouss

There are quite a good number of restaurants in Mumbai, India, with one of the loveliest places being the fine-dining restaurant Quattro Ristorante.

Situated on the main road opposite High Street Phoenix at Lower Parel, this place has classic interior with minimally sophisticated lighting.

Elements ranging from the pretty fountains surrounded by the tables to the decorative wall art, made the place look totally entrancing and gave it a cozy ambience.

The outlet offers a variety of salads, appetisers, pastas, Italian and Mexican specialties, and some irresistible fancy looking desserts.

Quattro Ristorante Italian Mumbai Desi Indian Curry Lasagne Mexican Burger Desserts

Mexican Corn on Cob – Fresh corn on cob tossed in Mexican spices and spiced butter, Rs.325.00

From the Appetisers section, we decided to try their Mexican Corn on Cob. Similar to the serving of ‘butthas’, this smoky hot corn was served on a traditional looking stove, and along with spiced butter, was arranged in a nicely made pappad and a mind blowingly delicious dip giving the Mexican dish a desi touch.

We were also served different Italian and Mexican dips. Although not all of them tasted that good, they were something different to try out.

Quattro Ristorante Italian Mumbai Desi Indian Curry Lasagne Mexican Burger Desserts

Lasagne Siciliano – Layers of pasta oven-baked with bechamel, pomodoro, vegetables, basil and cheese, Rs.445.00

On the suggestion of the staff, we ordered Lasagna Siciliano from the Italian Main fare section.

Neatly stacked veggies within the lasagna layers along with Alfredo sauce left wonders on our taste buds. Their signature Italian tomato sauce poured on top enhanced the entire flavour of the dish, and we couldn’t stop ourselves till the last bite.

The only drawback in our opinion was that there could have been more lasagna layers given that layers is what highlights any good lasagna.

Moving onto the most attractive part of their menu and which Quattro is most famous for – the Desserts. We ordered two desserts out of the variety of fancy ones they had.

Quattro Ristorante Italian Mumbai Desi Indian Curry Lasagne Mexican Burger Desserts

Chocolate Cigars Rs.345

The Chocolate Cigars were of two types: one was filled with caramel, and the other with Nutella.

What made it even more exciting was the method by which it could be eaten. In the typical way of cutting cigars, it was suggested that these be cut into pieces. And how amazing they were!

Quattro Ristorante Italian Mumbai Desi Indian Curry Lasagne Mexican Burger Desserts

Chocochunk Fudge Brownie in a Chocolate Cage Rs.375

As for the Chocolate Cage, then this was the one we were most excited about.

The intricate lattice structure of the chocolate cage was beautifully placed on the plate with a pot of vanilla ice cream. But that wasn’t it.

As soon as we broke the chocolate cage, there was an amazing layer of chocolate cake on the inside. So soft, warm and perfect, the cake was the actual surprise of this divine dessert. We loved the entire idea from the taste to the fantastic and neat presentation.

The food took around half an hour to be served. All the dishes were perfectly cooked. Each dish ordered was beautifully presented and looked appetising. The desserts were the best part without a doubt, so kudos to the chef.

And as expected, the staff were wonderful and the service quick; they catered to all our needs. Hats off too for maintaining the place with such neatness and cleanliness.

We had a great time there. This is one of the finest dining places to visit, and is worth every penny!



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Quattro Ristorante
7, Janta India Estate,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Opposite Phoenix Mills,
Lower Parel, Mumbai,
Maharashtra – 400013

T:  +91 (0)22 46104610 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Times: Mon-Sun 12:00-16:00 – 18:30-23:30

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