Shake Down Shakedown Manchester Dessert Halal

Shakedown (Desserts) – Manchester


Shake Down Shakedown Manchester Dessert Halal

Shake Down Shakedown Manchester Dessert HalalLast month, we were the first to report on the new opening of a dessert parlour in Manchester that describes itself as “probably the smallest dessert shop in the North!”

Our team in Manchester had the chance of reviewing this cosy little place, that specialises in “Waffles and Shakes”.

A small, hut-like shop located down a side road in the heart of Withington, ShakeDown offers a varied menu designed to satisfy even the sweetest of cravings.

Even though it’s a small, with not much space to work with, it’s the little things that stand out here, such as the LED writing on the back wall and the light logo at the front.

Aside from the single table for six available, this eatery functions mainly as a takeaway joint.


Shake Down Shakedown Manchester Dessert Halal

Ferrero Fusion – Raffaello, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Whipped Cream; Cookie Butter – Biscoff Biscuits, Caramel Syrup, Whipped Cream, Biscoff Topping; Billionaire Shake – Ferrero Rocher, Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream – Regular: £4.50, Large: £4.95, Extras £0.80

When it comes to their milkshakes, one truly is spoilt for choice. From the 15 varieties on offer, we were recommended their current top 3.

The Billionaire Shake is a chocoholic’s dream. A perfect combo of two key ingredients, where the Ferrero Rocher ensured a little textural crunch, before ending with the wonderfully refreshing sweetness of finely blended strawberries.

Shake Down Shakedown Manchester Dessert HalalFererro featured again in the Fererro Fusion shake, with Raffaello and Nutella being its other components. Now, while this may sound like a heavy mixture, it wasn’t. Instead, it was the lightness of the creamy coconut that shone through, balancing effortlessly with its counterpart, with the Nutella bringing things together nicely without being overpowering. A unique shake which we loved.

From past experience, we know how easy it is to get the combination of Biscoff biscuits and caramel syrup wrong. In this case, and in terms of its sweetness, they got things spot on. Topped with crushed Biscoff, the Cookie Butter stole the show for us. This creamy indulgence was heavenly, being neither sickly nor heavy, and one we all took our time to slurp, savour and appreciate. An ultimate FAVE!

All in all, these shakes were masterfully blended, coming out silky smooth.


Specials £5.95, or you can create your own waffle, including two toppings £5.50, with extra toppings being £0.80p

Shake Down Shakedown Manchester Dessert Halal Waffles

Road Block – Oreos. Crispy MtrMs, White Kinder Bueno. White Chocolate Drizzle. Nutella Drizzle, £5.95

The Road Block is topped with Oreos, Crispy M&M’s, White Kinder Bueno, White Chocolate drizzle and Nutella Drizzle. Granted this may sound somewhat overloaded, but who cares when it looks this inviting.

When you have a light and airy, freshly made waffle, with an ever so delicate crispy exterior, you know you’re half way there. This chocolate mess was one of the nicest waffles we’ve had. From the finely crushed toppings (always a winner), to the perfect drizzle of melted chocolate, while not forgetting, of course, the generosity of the toppings (a make or break for any waffle), we we’re beyond impressed. The ice cream on top most certainly had its part to play too, as it cut through some of the rich chocolatiness.

Final word, you might want to share this one. Either way, this is one to experience!


Shake Down Shakedown Manchester Dessert Halal

Cookie Dough – Red Velvet with Ice Cream (or Milk Choc, and Choc Fudge), £4.60

Seeing as you don’t really find very many red velvet desserts, we opted for this Cookie Dough from the desserts section of the menu.

Unfortunately, the white chocolate chips and dollop of vanilla ice cream – the latter having a decent consistency – didn’t quite shine as a pair. Not sure if it was simply due to the choice of flavours or the mix itself, but we were expecting a little more from the ‘red velvet’ itself. To be sure, it was very sweet for a cookie dough.

However, the consistency of the dough itself was, without question, neither bitty nor over- or undercooked. Although it remained relatively fresh, despite sitting there a short while before we got to it, we wouldn’t opt for this again.

For cookie dough lovers, perhaps it might be a good idea to maybe give some different flavours a try.

4 FTL's Roar
4.6 Pride's Roar (11 Roars)
Alcohol/ Pork?
  • NO/ NO
Last Checked: 26/12/19
What a contrast to the desserts had at Black Milk recently!

Shakedown is truly a hidden gem in the streets of Withington. Yes, it's a small establishment; yet, it's one, we feel, that'll be smashing it no time.

Even when comparing it to other more well known dessert places known for their aesthetics, this place is a winner. Get yourselves down here. You won’t be disappointed.

A big thanks to the welcoming and lively crew here, from the great recommendations to the fast service. We’ll most certainly be back.

For the lazy ones, they’ve even got the option to deliver right to your door step.
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Shake Down
1 Queen St West, Manchester M20 3BQ.

 T+44(0)161 438 0841 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 16:00-00:00 | Fri-Sat 16:00-02:00

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