Steak & Lobster at Radisson Blu Hotel Heathrow

By Aku Fu

Steak and Lobster on Bath Road near Heathrow airport is part of the luxury 4 Star Radisson Blu Edwardian – a fancy hotel that’s often busy with conferences, events and celebrations.

Now, although the place isn’t fully Halal, they do hold in stock 10 Halal steaks that are available through reservations.

On our arrival, not only were we confronted by a busy lobby, courtesy of a Salsa conference takeing place on the day, but the restaurant was also packed.

Despite booking ahead, we were made to wait a long time before our table was made ready for us.

On ordering, however, we found out that only the 10oz rib eye steaks are Halal.

Although pricey, I wanted to go for the “Bring It Together” Surf and Turf of steak and lobster, but was advised by the waiter that since this came with half a lobster, this option might not be the most economical at £35.

Rib Eye Steak, £20

Instead, he recommended the more meaty 2lb lobster at a whopping £40. In the end, we opted for their Signatures and the whole 1lb lobster for half the price.

Peppercorn, Jalapeño, and Blue Cheese Sauces, £2.00 each

With the waitress informing us that kitchen recommends steaks cooked medium-rare, I ordered mine as such, though others in the group went up to medium-well.

The steaks came with a variety of sauces which, at £2 each, were plentiful and good for pouring on top. We tried peppercorn, jalapeño, and blue cheese, and though flavoursome, didn’t blow me away.

My steak wasn’t exactly the way I like it – firm and juicy, and like slicing through butter – but rather hard to hold and cut (like trying to catch a frog) despite not being chewy or rubbery. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try a better cooked one for comparison purposes, but I’m suspecting perhaps it was under cooked and too thin.

The lobster itself was sweet, but a bit more flavourful than the last one I had at Caffe Concerto.

At 1lb though, this lobster just wasn’t meaty enough (provided the price is reasonable, next time will try a larger one)! Cooked either grilled or boiled, we went for a grilled one. As always, cracking the shell for the inexperienced is a long, drawn out affair for not a lot of gain.

We found out later that the reason why one of our company, who was craving chips, was drawn to this restaurant, is because of the unlimited chips and salad that comes with every order – an pricey way of satisfying a craving for fries!

1lb Lobster, £20

The fries were good enough, though have had better, while the salad was lemony and well seasoned. I’ll admit that we did re-order both unlimited items more than once for our table.

We also ordered a few mocktails. Although not on the main menu, I had a raspberry lychee that was very nice, with little raspberry pieces in it.

In this case, however, and with tall, thin glasses densely packed with crushed ice, one hefty pull was enough to finish the job! And so at £6.50, not really satisfying.

Someone, therefore, ordered Ginger Beer, which was nice, but tasted like the Old Jamaica cans you get at the shops.

The staff were very friendly and helpful at all times, which is always pleasant.

Can’t say I would come here again though particularly with better steak and lobster options available, if that’s what you’re craving.

There is a big paid-for car park around the hotel, which can be reimbursed when paying for the bill at the restaurant.

Steak and Lobster
Radisson Edwardian Heathrow
140 Bath Rd,
Harlington, Hayes,
London UB3 5AW.

T: +44 (0)20 8817 2583 | W:

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