With plenty of Halal options, this is "one of London's oldest markets dating back to 1778".

Championing "the fresh flavour of Jamaica", this place does some amazing patties.

Their burgers are created by Beyond Meat who's received $72m in funding thus far.

Recipes "handed down through generations" which "rarely make it into restaurants".

A fine dining restaurant uniquely serving cuisines from the "Seven Sisters" of India.

While this afternoon tea was good, we expected more from a London 5 star hotel in Paddington.

They haven't so much blown our minds as opened our eyes to the true potential of Indo Chinese cuisine.

With its 27th store, the brand is looking to promote its "tea and talk" concept.

A luxury 5-star hotel that puts up not 1, but 3 Ramadan menus demands attention.

Having retained its one Michelin star since 2008, this place is consistency personified.