This 200-cover restaurant has an outdoor terrace with stretching waterside views.

A perfect balace between aesthetics and quality of food, we'd say.

Although the food & drinks menu is fully Halal, shisha will be coming soon.

Can they become the first Muslim-owned Halal Michelin UK restaurant?

While the menu if fully Halal, they do, however, have a shisha lounge.

While offering a fully Halal food and drinks menu, shisha will be sold.

This place has all the ingredients of being better than it currently is.

On the menu, there's rotisserie chicken, lamb shawarma, burgers, fried chicken and shakes.

Located in The Pastures of 4-star Holiday Inn hotel with a fully Halal food menu.

While this place looks plush, they've put up a competition too for a £50 tab.