Tanoor Persian Cuisine opens in Worcester Park

A Persian restaurant opened in the south west of London’s Worcester Park last week.

Tanoor Persian Cuisine London Iranian Kebabs Worcester ParkTanoor Persian Cuisine is a modern and smartly decorated eatery that offers many traditional dishes so unique to that region.

Expect therefore to find some of the following starters and sides at this 42-seater (increased to 60 for private functions) restaurant:

  • Mixed Platter – Selection of Kashk-e-bademjoon, Mast Khiyar, Mirza Ghasemi, Salad Oliviyeh and Hummus.
  • Ash Reshte – Traditional soup made with fresh herbs, beans and Persian noodles.
  • Salad Shirazi – Finely chopped cucumber, tomatoes and onions with mint.

When moving on to the main courses then all 13 are typically served with  saffron rice, grilled tomatoes and salad, and include the usual Koobideh grilled minced lamb, Joojeh grilled chicken, and Bargh lamb fillets, as well as the Momtaz, Makhsoos and Soltani, among others.

And while Tanoor Persian Cuisine also serves the following trio of marinated grilled fish dishes: King Prawns, Salmon, and Seabass, there’s also stews such as the Khorosht-e-Gheymeh – lamb cooked in a tomato base lentil sauce, or the Khorosht-e-Ghorme Sabzi – Lamb cooked with aromatic mixed herbs, red kidney beans and dried lime.

Mixed grills are also available for 2 persons and 3-4 persons, respectively, and also these exciting desserts:

  • Ranginak – Chewy dates stuffed with toasted walnuts and bathed in a special flour, cinnamon and cardamon topping.
  • Pallodeh – Delicious vermicelli noodles frozen in rose water, served with fresh lemons or cherry juice.
  • Bastani Saffron – Homemade vanilla and saffron ice-cream.

Tanoor Persian Cuisine
362 Malden Road, Worcester Park,
London KT4 7NW.

T: +44 (0)20 8330 4400 | W: facebook.com/TanoorPersianCuisine

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

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