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Taste of Lahore (Pakistani) – West Ealing, London


Taste of Lahore West Ealing

When thinking of the Halal food sector in London and Pakistani food from the region of Punjab, Taste of Lahore has had a huge hand popularising this cuisine for a long time.

taste of lahore west ealing

Old shop front

With two branches located in the west of London, the branch we’ve decided to review is in West Ealing (the other being in Harrow).

Now, while we’ve trawled the culinary corners of Ealing, we’ll admit that we’ve tended to conveniently look the other way when passing this place.

The reason behind this is quite simple. With its dated decor, and typically bogstandard Indo-Pakistani menu, we’ve been hesitant in wanting to review any restaurant that falls under the uninspiring category of a “curry house”.

Taste of Lahore West Ealing

2017 saw a much needed overdue refurbishment…

While we reviewed this place in 2015, since then they went through a much needed refurbishment in 2017 which, truth be told, has really helped give this place a much needed boost in the area.

What prompted us visit them originally, however, was simply their reputation for servining wholesome, homely curries, grilled food, and so much more.

taste of lahore chicken Korma

Chicken Korma £7.50

Take the above, for instance, which saw this chicken korma being rich, creamy, and spicy (although be sure to request they make this spicy, because a non-spicy korma might as well be a burger without buns).

And yes, that really is all that you’re going to get for your £7.50, which was, it goes without saying, disappointing.

taste of lahore mixed deal chicken

Mixed Daal Chicken £7.50

Similarly, this mixed daal chicken was just full of spicious heat and body. Turning out rich and luxurious, this boasted a perfect blend of masala and spices.

taste of lahore Lamb Biryani

Lamb Biryani £7.50

Unfortunately for them (and so many other curry houses for that matter), this is where this place sadly lets itself, and the rest of Lahore, down.

If you order any rice dish, don’t expect it to be fresh – as in made an hour or two ago and properly reheated. And to add salt to the wound, these dishes will either be over spiced and/ or over salted, or under. In this case, it was the former.

taste of lahore tandoori naan

Tandoori Naan £0.90.

But of course being from that region, their tandoori naans are done so wonderfully well seemingly without much effort.

taste of lahore chicken doner

Chicken Doner £4.00

The chicken doner has certainly improved over time. We recall their grilled meat being overly salted. This, however, was subtly spiced and perfectly char-grilled. Definitely worth a punt.

Taste of Lahore
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Last Checked: 15/11/22
So what do we make of Taste of Lahore? We'll, they were pretty meagre with their portions, and yet quite expensive considering.

Despite this, however, you'll find some absolute gems, particularly the curries and kormas, that really do represent the authentic taste of Pakistan, or, more precisely, Lahore.

The place could also do with a lick of paint to make it more... how can we put this, attractive [update 2017: they've since refurbished]!
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taste of lahore logo1 Broadway, Ealing, London W13 9DA

T: +44 (0)20 8567 8888 | W: www.tasteoflahore.co.uk

Opening Hours: Sat-Thur 12:00-00:00 | Fri 14:00-00:00

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