The Steak Restaurant Hatch End Rib Eye

The Steak Restaurant’s exclusive Halal menu in Hatch End

By Abu Shahin

The Steak Restaurant Hatch End Rib Eye

So we’ve got a steak restaurant that’s started serving halal meat in Hatch End. The name is quite original; it’s called The Steak Restaurant.

When they first opened two months ago, I rang to ask if they serve Halal meat. They explained that they don’t but that eventually they will be. We were really pleased to find out a few weeks ago that they had just launched the Halal-only menu; and so we decided to pay them a visit last week.

Keep in mind that there are two menus and that you have to request the Halal-only option. The first page in the menu does have their Halal certification and a notice explaining that the meat is prepared with separate chopping boards and knives and cooked in separate pots and pans. Quite reassuring to read as I’m quite dubious about eating in restaurants which claim to serve Halal meat but make no mention of how the food is prepared.

I think word has spread because upon walking in, the Muslim customers were apparent to see; the hijabs being a dead giveaway.

The Steak Restaurant Hatch End Rib Eye Salmon Ceviche

Salmon Ceviche – marinated sushi grade salmonwith crisp bread, £7.00

When we normally eat steak at other restaurants, we tend to skip starters and go straight for the main course, but on this occasion, we wanted to take our time and enjoy the experience. So all three courses it was going to be.

Service was polite, friendly and efficient. We were seated at our table and within a few minutes we were brought complementary salted edamame beans, bread and butter to our table – a nice touch we felt.

Although not a huge selection in the starters section, the three of us chose to get something different to each other. I ordered the Salmon Ceviche. I had no idea what to expect. When brought to the table I was massively disappointed at the portion size. It turned out that my Salmon Ceviche was cold diced salmon pieces that on first appearance resembles tomato salsa that you’d normally see on a bruschetta slice. What it lacked in size though, it made up in taste – very nice! Light, refreshing and not too filling before the main course.

My friend ordered the Pacific Shrimp Tempura and I did steal a couple from him. It had to be done! They were large in size and around 7 or 8 in the portion. That’s what I’ll be ordering next time.

The Steak Restaurant Hatch End Rib Eye

Rib Eye (thick cut 350g) – layered with marble and bursting with flavour, £25.00

The steak options are quite good. We all opted for the 350g thick cut rib eye steak, cooked medium, and accompanied with Peppercorn sauce, Mac n Cheese and French Fries. Absolutely loved it! None of this Desi-fied marinade or spices you get in Asian restaurants. This was a steak cooked the way a steak is meant to be – no frills, just a thick cut slab of meat.

Thoroughly enjoying it, we took our time to truly appreciate a good steak, and thankful that finally we have a proper steak restaurant in the area and would no longer have to make do with Steakout or Toros, which aren’t bad, but let’s be honest, they cater for a more Desi palate.

Dessert was chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. Truly scrumptious and the perfect way to end the meal and the evening as a whole. Nice pleasant vibe and ambience in the restaurant made up primarily of locals.

Those of you who know Hatch End will know that people from far and wide come here to dine as there are many restaurants on the one street, different cuisines to choose from and a very pleasant crowd on a Fri/Sat night. No alcohol-fuelled yobs to worry about when visiting with your partners or families.

Quite pricey; the bill worked out to be £56 per head. But I don’t think any of us did mind, because we all collectively felt that the meal was worth every penny.

The Steak Restaurant
316 Uxbridge Rd, Hatch End, London HA5 4HR.

T: +44 (0)20 8421 2878 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00

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