Afiyet Oglum Halal Restaurant Turkish Southampton

Uni Kebab announces launch of Afiyet Oglum in Southampton


Afiyet Oglum Halal Restaurant Turkish Southampton

Credit: Afiyet Oglum

Southampton’s multi-award winning restaurant Uni Kebab will be launching a sister-site at the location of its old branch next month.

Uni Kebab - Southampton Halal restaurant

Original Uni Kebab to be replaced by Afiyet Oglum

Owner Aziz Gezer informed FtLion that modern Turkish kebab house Afiyet Oglum is scheduled to launch on 12 February.

Having opened a larger Uni Kebab restaurant in 2020, this new brand will be taking over the original site on Burgess Road.

Aziz further revealed to FtLion that this latest venture will be run by his son Isaak who will be aiming to provide “a different modern style for the students” nearby in Southampton University.

As for the name of the restaurant, then according to their website: “The name itself was a clever play on words, combining ‘Afiyet Olsun,’ a Turkish phrase meaning ‘Bon Appétit,’ with ‘Oglum,’ which translates to ‘my son’ in Turkish—a term Isaak’s dad affectionately used. The resulting phrase, ‘Afiyet Oglum,’ resonated deeply.”

Although a menu is still forthcoming, the website adds: “Isaak crafted a comprehensive menu, encompassing drinks, desserts and prices. Each element was carefully curated, driven by the vision he held in his mind.”

Uni Kebab
190 Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 3AY.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00–late

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