Wot The Wok hits Birmingham with 20% opening offer



A small, fully Halal takeaway joint will be launching later this afternoon with an opening discount of 20% off all orders including tomorrow.

Located in Kings Heath on Yarningale Road, Wot The Wok is an attractively designed, 4-6 seater, pan-Asian eatery that offers the “freedom of ordering exactly what you want”.

Management has confirmed with FtL: “All food 100% Halal. No Haram food or alcohol.

“We do takeaway and delivery. We have ordering system on website too as well as being registered with Just Eat.”

With an innovative signature three step wok menu, orders can be seen being fresh-to-order up close by the chef in an open kitchen at the back.

The most impressive part of the menu has to be the Ramen dishes though – a rarity for Halal diners at the best of times – and include six varieties: vegetable, chicken, beef, roast duck, a surprising Indian paneer version, and prawn.

Otherwise, there’s a number of House Specials that sound intriguing, such as:

  • Beijing Honey Roasted Duck Curry.
  • Spicy Paneer and Oriental Veg Curry.
  • Manchurian made with Chinese flavours with your choice of meat.
  • The classic Singaporean Mee Goreng Mamak.
  • The Indonesian delicacy Sambal Rice.

Its website adds: “At Wot The Wok, our vision is for our customers to experience the flavours of the East through our extensive use of the wok.”

Currently the following areas are covered for delivery: B14, B13, B28, B47, B90, B30, B23, B38, B29, B11, B27, B12, B5, B15 and B16.

Wot The Wok
156 Yarningale Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 6ND.

T: +44 (0)121 444 4666 | W: www.wotthewok.co.uk | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Sun-Tue, Thur 17:00-23:00 | Wed, Fri-Sat 17:00-23:30

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