Ertugrul themed 2 Bey’s Diner opens in Birmingham


A fully Halal diner inspired by the global hit Turkish television show Dirilis: Ertugrul has opened in Birmingham’s Erdington.

Located on Sutton New Road, 2 Bey’s Diner is a small cafe styled after 13th century Ottomon Empire.

Opening early in the morning at 7am, breakfast is on the menu, with the option of both English and Desi – the latter offering parata, masala egg, spicy beans and desi tea.

If you’re feeling inspired by the theme however, then you have 15 ingredients to choose from for making your own.

Otherwise, there’s Turkish breakfasts too, of course, that include the Doghan Alp, Bamsi Alp Basham, and the Tyrgut Bey.

For lunch or dinner, the diner is offering nine types of burgers, three of which are definitely Turkish-oriented, such as, the double-cheese Ottoman Burger.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, then Alp, Bey or The Sultan platters are available – the last one being the heftiest with chicken and lamb sheek kebabs, chicken shawarma, lamb chops, grilled chicken, wings, rice, naan and drink all for £35.

And while for dessert 2 Bey’s Diner has a selection of fresh cakes on display, they also offer free delivery for a minimum order of £12 within a 3 mile radius.

2 Bey’s Diner
192 Sutton New Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6QU.

T: +44 (0)121 439 6969 | W:

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7:00-late

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