Find out what time they launch today at The Exchange Ilford and enjoy loads of sweets.

The restaurant offers a large selection of kebabs and traditional Afghani dishes.

With branches across the Middle East, they're showcasing UAE Bedouin culture and authentic Emirati cuisine.

If their aim was to emulate global giants Nando's, then rest assured they've achieved that and some.

FREQUENTLY UPDATED - A comprehensive list of iftars & suhoors in London and beyond.

Passionate cook Umm Saffiya shares a recipe of this well known traditional Bengali snack.

With over 40 vendors, some HMC certified, this will be offering "the biggest variety of Halal food".

With its 27th store, the brand is looking to promote its "tea and talk" concept.

So far, 110 mosques across 55 cities have fed 10,000 guests thanks to the help of 600 volunteers.

A fully Halal café that celebrates the South Korean genre of popular music known as KPOP.