Striking an eclectic mix of East meets West, this is a new favourite of ours in Dubai.

Their burgers are created by Beyond Meat who's received $72m in funding thus far.

While this place looks plush, they've put up a competition too for a £50 tab.

There's free coffee available in the morning followed by food for a quid.

The biggest street food festival in Crawley, Horley and Gatwick that's fully Halal.

An award-winning restaurant that's been serving its community for 26 years!

A small restaurant with a variety of burgers that appear fairly rustic in nature.

Recipes "handed down through generations" which "rarely make it into restaurants".

Can be served two ways: piled onto soft flour tortilla, or into corn taco shells.

A fine dining restaurant uniquely serving cuisines from the "Seven Sisters" of India.