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Abu Zaad caters for a leg of lamb and some

By Aku Fu

If you ever have a large turn out to feed, can’t be bothered to cook, and have an Abu Zaad restaurant near by, then you might want to consider their catering home service particularly in the form of a leg of lamb.

For £160, the branch in Shepherd’s Bush were kind enough to cater for our family party by delivering a tasty, succulent hunk of meat which, along with the accompanying sides, turned out to be pretty good.

With 20 of us to feed, there was still enough food left over at the end.

It has to be said though that the leg of lamb was slightly on the bland side.

Abu Zaad

And though it’s true that rice can take on a bad smell if cooked alongside the lamb, in this case it was cooked separately and, therefore, turned out just fine.

And with the generous sprinkling of raisins and nuts, it was rather quite nice too.

Abu Zaad

In addition, there was also hummus, salad, chilli sauce, and simple naan for sides.

Sadly, the hummus finished far too quickly for our liking.

Abu Zaad

Was it worth it, I hear you ask?


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