Single Halal Kiosk at New Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall


Courtesy of Kavey Eats

A huge oriental food hall opened in North London’s Edgware Road this week offering a vast array of Pan-Asian dishes.

Having taken over the once popular Oriental City site, Bang Bang Oriental contains 33 kiosks and enough room to accommodate around 450 diners.


Nasi Goreng £7.80 (Courtesy of Kavey Eats)

And while the Far East is well represented with food from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, etc (with evident focus on Chinese cuisine), only a single kiosk is known to be fully Halal.

Despite Edgware Road’s strong Muslim community, currently only Coconut Tree is flying the Halal flag.

This traditional Malaysian kiosk brings a taste of Kuala Lumpur and is “serving a large selection of halal dishes which will be served on green plates and bowls with green cutlery. This guarantees that these dishes are halal and have not been in contact with pork or alcohol”.

For a drink, bubble tea specialists Chatime are there serving their fun-filled glasses of chewy tapioca balls that are meant to be sucked up through a giant straw and chewed on while sipping on the cold flavoured tea therein.

For the more refined, there is Citropia Cafe with its range of flavoured Earl Grey teas.

Given the complex’s size and sheer variety though, resident Muslims will no doubt be hoping for the introduction of a far greater range of Halal options very soon.

Currently, Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall has a 20% discount offer running until 24th July.

Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall
399 Edgware Road,
London NW9 0AS.

T: +44 (0)20 3086 8986 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:30–21:30

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