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Big Mo's diner

Big Moe’s is a fully decked out American diner giving that 60’s dining experience. This place was full with a small queue on a Saturday night and is popular with the kids. We had to wait 30mins for a table so had high expectations.

Over here the mains come out with the starters with individual orders coming out as they please.

Jumbo Hot Dog

Jumbo Hot DogNot much of a jumbo hot dog – the bun, as you can see, was normal bread, hardly cooked.

The sausage had little taste and the onions were watery. Overall it was ok but with no brown sauce and no ketchup it was one to forget. The chips were poor though and tasted like McCain’s which should have been nice but ended up being warm and dry.

Big Moe's American Diner

Strawberry Milkshake & Sprite

Wow! The milkshake were incredible. Real strawberry taste in a thick shake. You know they put a good amount of ice cream to make this beauty. Well worth getting.

Onion rings

Onion rings

Oh dear. Avoid! Soggy with oil, not crispy, onion was oily to the core.

Mexican Burger

Mexican Burger

Sadly, this was worse than a standard £1 burger! Dry, tasteless, and lacked sauce. The size was a kids meal burger. The pattie hardly reaching the edges.

Chips were dry too! Side salad seemed out of place and a bit off! These people need to go to Hand Made Burger Co. to see how burgers are made.


Something that tasted like Iceland value pack

This was poor and akin to something you’d get from Iceland. Should have known better than to get this.

It was so cheap-tasting that even the ice-cream had no taste. It was truly a WTF(lip) moment.

Overall, the place is relevantly new and very busy. With better restaurants around, it’s worth going down just the once to see the decor. Other than that, the food needs a complete overhaul.

Big Moe's
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We were so annoyed by our experience that we decided to send them an email expressing our disappointment and providing them some honest suggestions. The following was their reply:

Thank you for your email and sorry for the later reply, for some reason the mail found its way into our junk folder.

We are really sorry that you found our food sub standard. It is our policy to always reply to complaints as we are proud of our food and service.

You may have not liked our food and the tastes are subjective but we serve 1000s of people each week and have some glowing comments (as well as a few not so good) on our face book page.

We try our very best to source the highest quality products and are always open with our customers about the items we use. In addition we are 5 star rated by the food standards authority to ensure all our food is treated to the highest hygiene standards.

I have listed below all the food you complained about with a brief description of what we use so that you maybe satisfied of the content of your food.

Burger patty – these are sourced from a company called Al Badia who are one of the Uks number 1 halal HMC suppliers, they are made especially for us. They are made with premium lean beef rump meat (the same meat used by places as steak) which is 95% Visual lean and hand pressed. The make up of the burger is 85% beef, approx 5% spices, approx 10% fat and onions. Just to make you aware most burgers are made with 75% max “meat” (this is a made up is made up of all sorts of things they call meat) and the rest fat and chemical spices.

Onion rings – mccain premium commercial brand

Strawberry milkshake – made with italian gelato (made by Italians!)

Hot dog – again supplied by Al Badia and made for us. Made with real chicken and not chicken waste as most chicken hotdogs are. Spice is mild level and yes some people expect more chilli in our food.

Chocolate dessert and ice cream – not sure which one you are referring to but all our desserts are bought from reputable suppliers, they are bought in frozen but by the time they arrive on your plate they are defrosted, this is an industry wide standard. The ice cream is made in house and is whipped ice cream made from a milk mix by a company called Commelle which is a premium brand, there are others cheaper out there bit we don’t buy it.

Chips – mccain premium commercial brand

We are in no way intending to undermine your opinion of our food as everyone has the right to make judgements however our duty to you is to at least explain what is our food and where our food comes from, most restaurants will not do this but we are proud top serve good quality food and we believe this is part of what makes us successful. We are however disappointed that you do not agree with this.

I totally understand if you do not wish to visit us again however as a gesture of good will I would love to offer you 20% off your next visit and free use of our VIP room which is usually charged at £50.

If you wish to accept this please let me know so I can get you booked in,

Once again apologies if we did not meet your standard.

Kind Regards


Big Moe's Diner

Thanks, but no thanks. Would stop over for the shake; otherwise this diner is as suspect as the suspect 5-star, 2-word google reviews littering their review section.
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Big Moe’s
Unit 3, Newham Leisure Park, Jenkins Ln, Barking, IG11 0AD

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  • I have to agree, it was not what I expected.

    8 Jul '14
  • It wasn’t that bad, i go here all the time

    18 Jul '14
  • yeah this place is overhyped. they even send me spam mail even after i’ve unsubscribed.
    Avoid this place I say

    18 Jul '14

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