Peri Peri - West Ealing

Peri Peri – West Ealing



A small, humble eatery on West Ealing high street that

Kofta Kebab

The above was easily the best thing tasted so far at this fast food joint. Not to say that some of the other things aren’t good (they do some pretty decent milkshakes too), but this is particularly good especially considering the great price.

Peri Peri Half Chicken

Peri Peri Original
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Alcohol/ Pork?
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Last Checked: 20/2/18
Yet another chicken joint; yet another Peri Peri in a long list of endless Peri Peri joints where the cooks are typical bruvs (bless ‘em) - dip a brush into a pot of pre-made (factory refined) peri peri sauce, slap it on some anorexic chickens, and flame grill em to taste. Gone are the days when Peri Peri meant some secret sauce that only Nando’s had the rights to! Now they're everywhere!

This is just your typical Peri Peri joint, with options to fried chicken (another secret recipe once held by KFC and now bastardised by Chicken Cottage) with no individuality, like the hundreds out there across London. Sure it’s cheap and cheerful, the décor is colourful, and the seats comfy; so why complain? Well, it’s not so much the food we're complaining about, but the service here. It's abysmally slow!

The only saving grace here is their Kofta Kebab. For the price and the wait, it's certainly a treat and there is more meat on it than what most other kebab joints offer (that's including the legendary Shahi Nan).

And the staff are hilarious in a mad way. Not only are they comfortable in shouting out to waiting customers when orders are ready to collect, but they have no qualms in having a go at each other behind the counter with colourful language and semi-murderous body gestures.
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Peri-Peri Original
50 Broadway,
London W13 0SU

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00

T: +44 (0)20 8566 4055

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