EXCLUSIVE: Dominant Band of Burgers buy out Brioche Burger

Brioche Burger is closing end of Ramadan and Band of Burgers is taking over from mid-July. – Band of Burger owner, Zeeshan

London-based restaurant Brioche Burger will permanently close down at the end of Ramadan, Feed the Lion has learned.

The popular burger joint in Walthamstow has been bought by rivals Band of Burgers who are planning to launch their third store later this summer.

Speaking exclusively to Feed the Lion, Band of Burgers’ owner Zeeshan confirmed: “Brioche Burger is closing end of Ramadan and Band of Burgers is taking over from mid-July.”

The move undoubtedly marks a significant shift of influence within London’s Halal gourmet burger scene.

The news will come as a surprise to many who have witnessed Brioche Burger (rated 4.5/5 – read our review) push the boundaries of innovation by creating arguably some of the best Halal burgers in the country.

The burger brand first started out back in 2015 when it ambitiously opened within the newly launched East Shopping Centre on West Ham’s Green Street.

A trip down memory lane...

A year later, a sister-site was opened towards the quieter end of Hoe Street in Walthamstow which introduced a more casual approach.

At the time, the brand appeared to be making all the right moves as they hired the skills of a Muslim head chef with over 10 years of experience who had worked under chefs the calibre of Michelin-starred Angela Hartnett.

It was at this stage that Brioche pushed the culinary bar to unprecedented heights with burgers like wagyu-based The Super Saiyan, Roger Rabbit and Oh My Cod.

But around early 2017, following the closure of their Green Street branch and the sudden departure of their chef supremo within the space of a few months, standards notably dropped with his successor unable to match such expertise.

With branches now located across London – Camden and East London’s Brick Lane – along with a third scheduled to open in North East London, Band of Burgers are set to dominate this particular market.

The question that remains to be answered is whether they will have more success than their predecessors.

Zeeshan told Feed the Lion he was confident that the style and brand of Band of Burgers would be as successful as his previous two locations.

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  • The question is would it be HMC, as Brioche Burger was, if not then good luck in Walthamstow. Also if there prices were reasonable to compete in Walthamstow, which is already a saturated market

    18 May '19

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