Chaiilology Halal Desi Karak Cafe Restaurant Wales Cardiff

Chaiiology making Welsh debut in Cardiff this Saturday


Chaiilology Halal Desi Karak Cafe Restaurant Wales Cardiff

Credit: Chaiiology

“The Kings of Tandoori Chaii” will be opening its first restaurant in Wales this weekend and that too its capital city of Cardiff.

Located on City Road, Chaiiology is part of the hugely successful, though somewhat saturated, karak chai market that continues to expand.

Strategically using the variant spelling of ‘chaii’ (made famous by UK’s leading Indian street food brand Chaiiwala), Chaiiology also have branches in Birmingham and London.

Specialising in pink chai, karak, dhood patti, and their “iconic tandoor chai”, they also serve a healthy variety of Indian sweet and savoury food items.

These include things ranging from the unusual butter chicken roll, to the more familiar chaat, sweet chilli chips, and desserts like the latest craze of milkcakes.

189 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JB

W: @chaiiologyofficial | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: TBC

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