Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal

Copper Restaurant – Muscat, Oman

Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal
Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman HalalIn a city like Muscat, where it’s not an easy task finding a place that offers a wide variety of cuisines at reasonable prices, Copper Restaurant emerges as the best choice, and Feed the Lion’s debut review of Oman’s Halal culinary scene (conducted by Feast Karachi).

Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman HalalWith a Johnny Pro motorcycle striking a sexy pose atop a desk at the front of the entrance, the place itself is busily decked out, with eye-catching graffiti along the back wall, comfortable booth seating to one side, and a relaxed atmosphere overall.

From the moment you walk in, you’re treated with the utmost importance by the courteous staff before being handed a menu that will immediately have you salivating with all its variety.




Their coffees are quite good as they have an enviable Coffee Machine.


Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal The Skinny Fries and Brisket

The Skinny Fries and Brisket – Beef, shallots, spring onion, chilli, jalapenos, cheese custard, 3,650 OMR


Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman HalalA very generous serving of melt-in-your-mouth beef and fries, with all its colourful assortment of ingredients attractively presented in a large, deep dark bowl.

The Skinny Fries and Brisket had a copious amount of gooey cheese blanketing perfectly crisp golden fries, all of which was smothered in spring onions, thin slithers of red chilli, and jalapenos.

A great dish to share if you’re coming in super hungry.


Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman BBQ Peri Peri Chicken

BBQ Peri Peri Chicken – Chicken thigh with toasted buns, corn and peri peri sauce, 7,950 OMR

The delicate char on this chicken made it smoky and flavorful, with the sweetness of the corn really helping to balance out the flavours.

The Peri Peri sauce was tangy and went really well with the chicken. But it was that warm bread which was so helpful in soaking up all the juices to complete the dish. And for 7.95 OMR, this is worth the price.


pizza Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal Shuwa

Shuwa Pizza – tomato, jalapenos, mozzarella, parsley, onion, 4,950 OMR

This was not your average pizza! With generous amounts of Shuwa – an Omani way of preparing meat slathered in a blend of oils and spices and cooked underground – the meat just melted in the mouth and went really well with all of the other toppings.

The cheesiness of each slice will be one of the reasons you’ll be ordering more once you’re done, believe you us!

Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal

Shakshouka 3,950 OMR

This North African dish is served with some toasty bread, and is a winner had breakfast, lunch or dinner.

With three eggs, tomato relish, chilli, spinach, salami and gouda, the whole thing came together to create this heartwarming dish that was both visually appealing and thoroughly filling!


Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal Double Chocolate Crazy Shake

Double Chocolate Crazy Shake 3,500 OMR

And definitely give this Double Chocolate Crazy Shake a go if you’re after a sugar rush. Not only will you get a chocolate brownie, cookies and doughnuts, but also plenty of biscotto sticks with it, which made this all the more irresistable!

And again for said price, this shake is well worth it – most certainly a must try!

Copper Restaurant
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Copper Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Muscat, and manages to attract foodies from across the board with its assortment of cuisines, which range from your traditional Arabic/Omani to your traditional western classics.

If you're in Oman then you NEED to pay this eatery a visit, because this manages to tick all the right boxes. We don't exaggerate when we say that the presentation of all the dishes can easily get anyone to devour whatever is served in an instant. And given the prices, this place is definitely recommended if you like to eat till your heart's content without spending a fortune.

You'll certainly not be disappointed with the overall experience at Copper Restaurant. We certainly weren't!
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Copper Restaurant
Sayh Al Malih Street, Qurum, Muscat, Oman.

T: +968 2456 4292 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Sun–Sat 8.30–23:00

Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal Copper Restaurant, Muscat, Oman Halal

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