World’s First Halal Sparkling Wine

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Less alcohol in it than orange juice (courtesy:!

A German company has managed to produce the first-ever non-alcoholic sparkling “wine” in accordance with Islamic law, the Worldcrunch reported.

Producers in Rüdesheim have made a Riesling-quality bubbly with an alcohol extraction method that is so thorough that the final product is said to contain fewer traces of alcohol than orange juice.

Discovered by the Munich-based company Vigorous Trading, this halal-certified drink has been named Dinar – the first Umayyad coin minted in the eighth century.

And to replicate the taste of alcohol, the makers have found that the juice of dates and pomegranates do the trick where the sparkling date wine is “slightly tangy and therefore a good match to the alcoholic original, whereas the pomegranate version is slightly sweet” in taste.

While Dinar has been available since September, it is scheduled to premiere at the United Arab Emirates’ embassy this month for its national bank holiday celebrations.

Bottoms up!

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