The Berlin Doner

When ‘The Berlin Doner’ came to town

 By The Editor

The Berlin Doner

Regular FtL followers will know that in October, we reviewed the very impressive German Doner Kebab (GDK) – an international franchise that’s now seeking to mark its territory here in Britain.

You’ll also recall that we had nothing except praise for its version of the much blighted doner.

the berlin doner

And here’s the jolly fella behind The Berlin Doner (no, he really is a jolly fella).

And you’d think, given such praise, that their version would be difficult to rival let alone surprise.

Well… you’d be wrong because, behold: The Berlin Doner.

This little hut is part of a number of other food vendors who come to town to setup stall in Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre’s food court during the Christmas period.

And boy do these guys know how to create a doner!

Unlike GDK, which opts for veal, these guys prefer 100% beef as part of a varied menu that offers the following:

  • Beef Doner, £5.50.
  • Chicken Doner, £5.
  • Wrap Doner, £5.
  • Doner Box, £6.
  • Veg Doner, £5.
  • Mixed doner also available.

The bread in which this is served is a fairly thick, crusty and beautifully toasted one, which is packed to the brim and beyond with a very generous mixture of meat(s), salads (of your choice) and a selection of three divinely delicious sauces that literally help transcend this entire concoction to unprecedented heights.

the doner berlin secret sauces

The secret, ladies and gentlemen, is to get all three sauces to really appreciate how good these doners are on a cold winter afternoon after a hard day’s shopping.

In our view, grab yourself a beef and chicken doner mix along with all three sauces; but, here’s the secret: be sure to ask for EXTRA meat and EXTRA sauce!

Trust us, you’ll be thankful; and also be sure to let the good owner know you visited on our recommendation.


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