Halal Exotic Meats Qurbani Lamb Order Online Eid Adha

Order free range organic Qurbani hogg lambs at Halal Exotic Meats

Halal Exotic Meats Qurbani Lamb Order Online Eid Adha

ORDER NOW HMC-certified, free range & organic Qurbani hogg lambs (12-months-old).

There’s been a lot said about the limited availability of lambs that qualify for permisisble Qurbanis this year.

While we reported about this last week, this shortfall has been a recurring problem for a couple of years now.

Thank goodness for the forward thinking meat purveyors, Halal Exotic Meats!

All our lambs are slaughtered non stun and are HMC certified. They will all meet the criteria of age and condition for permissible Qurbani. – Halal Exotic Meats

These online suppliers have reserved a limited number of non stun, HMC-certified Qurbani hogg lambs (12-months-old, thus, meeting the required age for Qurbani) for you to order securely through their website.

More impressively, they are offering the choice of ordering two types of lamb, with all Qurbanis being performed on the day of Eid (11 August) before being dispatching within 2-days of the ritual slaughter, as well as goats:

  • Free range lambs – over 12 months
  • Organic lambs – over 12 months from a soil association certified farm
  • Goats – over 12 months

Further still, the well established business has gone out of its way to donate the meat, on request, to the following two places:

  • Halal Exotic Meats’ local Markazi Mosque in Dewsbury, which will feed overseas students boarding in the school.
  • Pathway Kitchen – A group of volunteers in Leeds dedicated to feeding the city’s homeless and less fortunate.
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