‘Organic’ Ramadan BBQ 2019 with Abraham’s

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Abraham Organics Steaks Burgers Sausages Chicken Ramadan BBQ Barbecue Online

Our order, all vaccum sealed, was delivered promptly, with text alerts throughout to ensure peace of mind. Commence grilling!

Did you know the organic market is in its 8th year of growth with almost £45 million a week being spent in the UK?

Abraham Organics Steaks Burgers Sausages Chicken Ramadan BBQ Barbecue OnlineDespite the recent EU court ruling that non-stun meat can no longer be labelled organic, we decided to go as “organic” as we legally could for our annual Ramadan BBQ.

As such, this year’s event, which coincides with National BBQ Week (27th May-2nd June), is being sponsored by Abraham’s, who have not only been forced to drop the word “Organics” from their brand name, but have also lost the distinction of being “the only Soil Association-accredited organic halal meat producer in the UK”.

While this family-run business continues to procure its produce from both Soil Association and BDA farmers, partner Muhsen Hassanin has said that his company currently languishes in “no man’s land” as a result of said ruling.

Abraham Organics Steaks Burgers Sausages Chicken Ramadan BBQ Barbecue OnlineNevertheless, this Kent-based company continues its aim at encouraging people to “return to eating meat that is pure, natural and traceable… is slaughtered correctly and above all from animals that have been treated with compassion”.

Not only are they “observing the rules and rejecting what is not within the boundaries of Halal slaughter”, but also deliver “high quality meat from high quality animals, that have lived full and healthy lives in their natural environment”, to all parts of the country.

So we’re taking the opportunity of trying a broad selection of their meat products that are as organic as you’re going to get when it comes to Halal.


Isn’t that a picture?

Abraham Organics Steaks Burgers Sausages Chicken Ramadan BBQ Barbecue OnlineWe ordered two types of steaks: 1) Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak (450g) for £10, and 2) Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak Thick Sliced (450g) for £12.

With Aberdeen Angus still considered one of the best beef breeds in the world, Abraham’s rump are said to “thrive off the temperate climate and lush grass” in Ireland.

Aged between 15-28 days, these are hand slaughtered without stun, and mostly grass fed to ensure that one “will taste the difference, guaranteed”.

These come in a pack of 2 x 8oz steaks with the following cooking tip: “Hot Pan. Sear 2 minutes on both sides. Leave on low flame until done to required taste. Well done: 15mins. Medium: 10mins. Rare: 5mins. Let rest for 5 mins.”

As for the Sirloin, which come as either thin- or thick-sliced, the difference between the two cuts is that sirloin is a beef steak cut from the lower portion of the ribs, continuing off the tenderloin from which filet mignon is cut, which is the one to get if you like your steaks well done. Otherwise, everything else is the same as the above.


Abraham Organics Steaks Burgers Sausages Chicken Ramadan BBQ Barbecue Online

“Organic” Spatchcock Chicken (1.8kg) £17

Abraham Organics Steaks Burgers Sausages Chicken Ramadan BBQ Barbecue OnlineIf you’ve never had “organic” meat, then you’re missing out on something quite unique.

“Organic” chicken is entirely separate and distinct from the non-organic we all seem content on buying from our local supermarkets and butchers.

In terms of taste, there’s simply no comparison; and in terms of texture, this has a firmness and springiness to it that’s far better.

This particular one is known as a Spatchcock Chicken which “involves carefully cutting the backbone in order to flatten the chicken out before cooking”, and is “by the far the fastest way of roasting or grilling a whole chicken”.


These 6oz Gourmet Beef Burgers come in packs of 2 for £4.50 and are made up of 92% ground beef from “the very best cuts: Top Rump, Brisket, Top Side and Silverside with some of the Fore-Rib joint thrown into the mix”.


Abraham’s have a fantastic range of sausages too, eight to be exact, of which we opted for the Lamb Chilli & Coriander Sausage at £6.50.

An average pack contains 6-8 sausages, weighs 450g, and is 100% free range, pure meat and handmade on site with no preservatives.

Abraham Organics Steaks Burgers Sausages Chicken Ramadan BBQ Barbecue Online

We’ve teamed up with Abraham’s to offer you free delivery on all orders by: 1) going to your shopping basket on their website, 2) clicking “add a claim code”, 3) typing in capitals the exclusive discount code ‘FTL’ (valid till Saturday 8th June).

With an Eid sale also currently under way on selected food items, now’s a good time to put in an order and realise the stark difference of taste and quality between ‘organic’ Halal meat and its counterpart.

And if you hurry, orders put in by Saturday midnight can be delivered in London on Monday, and orders put in by Sunday can be delivered by Tuesday by courier nationwide – all in time for Eid.

Vale Farm, Leaves Green Road, Keston, Kent BR2 6DQ.

T: +44 (0)7912 040 267 | W: organic-halal-meat.com | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

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