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Kebabish KO Original (Afghan) – Southall

This Kebabish Original K.O in Southall is unique in that it’s an Afghani Kebabish branch that offers “special” Afghani dishes including the £150 lamb rice dish potential show stopper for 10 people (we were tempted, but saner heads (3 to be exact), prevailed in the end).

With an open kitchen and a charming Afghani decor theme, this place certainly looks the part; but was it the real deal, was our question.

kebabish ko original Chapli Kebab £4

Chapli Kebab £4

Apparently, this franchise is famous for its Chapli Kebabs. Pretty certain, however, that this branch doesn’t quite qualify. We’ll put it this way: they’re not exactly living up to their avowed slogan of ‘the thrill of the grill’ if they dish up dry, reheated food are they? And neither was it particularly tasty!

Look; if we wanted reheated grub, we’d much rather purchase a packet of frozen kebabs from the many cash’n’carry stores up or down the road than visit a flippin’ restaurant?!

kebabish ko original kebabs seekh

Portion (x4) Seekh Kebabs £5

Putting aside their so-called Chapli Kebabs, their Seekh’s were pretty darn good. Subtly flavoured, and moist and succulent; these had that melt-in-the-mouth thing going for them. Happy days

kebabish ko original mixed grill

AFGHANI MIXED GRILL £17 – Chicken, lamb, lamb chops & seekh kebabs

At £17, the Afghani mixed grill was pretty good value for money and quite tasty. Proper charcoal grilled for that unique flavour. Our only two gripes were:

1) the lamb chops were hard and chewy (poor quality cuts perhaps?!);

2) not enough kebabs (hence the extra portion).


Tandoori Naan

All that meat can get to you, so have it with their large tasty tandoori naans. They know how to make this right!

Somehow, we also ended up getting a lamb biryani (still trying to figure out why). Wish we hadn’t TBH, as it’s one of the lamest biryanis going. Just watch the video below and you’ll figure out why.

Essentially it’s pre-cooked rice mixed with a lamb curry. What you’re, therefore, served in precisely 12 seconds is stale rice with lamb!

Now, we know this is the way of most take away joints or home delivery services; but anyone who does this in an open kitchen in front of your very eyes is, well, frankly speaking, taking the piss!

What made matters worse, and we kid you not, is the dude having the gall in asking us, ‘Do you want me to reheat it in the microwave?’ Uh, no; we want you to bloody well cook it right, mate, that’s what we want. Thank you pleeeeeease!!!

kebabish ko original Stale Lamb Biryani

Lamb Biriyani £7

The above is the end product (and the yellow and red food colouring just isn’t going to save the dish, boys).

Here’s a test: spot the lamb! See any? All this for just £7?!

THE ROAR - Kebabish KO
2.5 FTL's Roar
3.7 Pride's Roar (3 Roars)
Alcohol/ Pork?
  • NO. NO
Last Checked: 20/2/18
Kebabish K.O. doesn't quite deliver the knockout blow it brandishes.

But with a large and varied menu, there's a lot to choose from. However, we'd recommend sticking to what they claim to know best - the grilled food.
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Kebabish Original,
158 The Broadway,
Southall, London UB1 1NN

T: +44 (0)20 3264 2016 | W:

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  • Oh, never heard of this before. Where abouts on the Broadway is it? How was the food?

    5 Aug '15

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