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Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Chef Mjido Sefraoui

Le 32 Resto in Morocco rated ‘3rd best restaurant’ in Asilah

HALAL STATUS Fully Halal food menu • Alcohol served

As a country in North Africa, Morocco, or the Kingdom of Morocco as it’s officially known, requires little introduction, with centuries of trade and cultural exchange culminating in a diverse and sophisticated cuisine.

Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco

Chef Mjido Sefraoui

The area we visited, and which led us to one of the country’s highest rated restaurants, was an old, fortified beach town on the Atlantic coast of northern Morocco called Asilah.

Located about 30 minutes’ drive south of Tangier, or Tanger if going by the French spelling of the last country to colonise this place, Asilah is known for its lobsters, as well as an array of high end restaurants.

One particular establishment which stood out for us was Asilah 32 Hotel’s prestigious eatery Le 32 Resto, which is considered Asilah’s third highest rated restaurant on restaurantguru.com, thus making it one of the best in the country.

Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco
What ultimately drew us to this place, however, was its head chef, Mjido Sefraoui, who has plied his trade at a number of high-end restaurants, including having worked as senior chef de partie at world-renowned, 3-Michelin Chef Alain Ducasse’s Idam in Doha, Qatar.

Having read the reviews and seen some of the dishes showcased on the net, it should go without saying that we were looking forward to reviewing this place.


Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Mocktails

Fresh Fruit Juice, 40Dh (£3.24) • Strawberry Lemon Fizz, Virgin Mojito, 50Dh (£4.00) each

If these beverages proved anything, it was that the fruit grown in hotter climes are superior in taste to those in colder climates.

And so it proved here, with the Fresh Fruit Juice turning out to be exactly that, fresh and extremely tasty.

While the Strawberry Lemon Fizz – essentially a fizzy lemonade with strawberries – didn’t exactly blow us away, the Virgin Mojito packed quite the punch courtesy of the refreshlingly powerful crushed mint (we found Morrocan mint, in general, to be far stronger than its insipid UK counterpart).


Lobster Bisque at Le 32 Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco

Lobster Bisque, 70Dh (£5.67)


Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco

There’s no better start than complimentary bread freshly baked to order. A sure sign of good things to come.

And came they did, with this elegantly presented Lobster Bisque starter with a portion of bread sticks.

To be sure, the time and effort expended in making this full-bodied bisque ensured a depth and richness which we couldn’t get enough of.

Seasoned to a tee, and driven by the natural sweetness of the lobster itself, the only thing we needed towards the end was another portion of those bread sticks to help scoop up all that precious sauce. Never had this so good.


Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Pave De Saumon

Pave De Saumon, 160Dh (£12.95)


This Pave De Saumon was a carefully conceived dish which went beyond mere aesthetics.

What we had here was an exceptionally baked and fried piece of salmon, which boasted both a crispy skin and moist and flaky, semi-translucent flesh.

Elevated by the dill sauce, an assortment of vegetables, and other bits and pieces, everything came together in a way to make this a memorable dish. Just don’t forget to give that fish a good squeeze of the lemon.

Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco

Tagliatelle, salmon duo, dill cream sauce with cheese & saydia rice, 130Dh (£10.50)

The al dente pasta in this Tagliatelle was beautifully enveloped in a creamy dill-based sauce, with the pleasant bits of salmon mixed in providing textural contrast more than anything else.

Nevertheless, the addition of the accompanying bowl of cheese provided a touch of piquancy to what was otherwise a soothingly enjoyable plate of food.

Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Lasagne

Lamb Lasagne 125Dh (£10.10)

We didn’t give this Lamb Lasagne much hope at first glance. But this was a simple lasagne done exceedingly well.

Wonderfully creamy on the inside with plenty of cheesy goodness, the sheets of pasta in this were soft enough for us to suffice with only our forks. An excellent option for the kids too.

Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Burger

XXL Burger with fries – Beef patty, cheese trio, jalapenos, dill pickle, 110DH (£8.89)

Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant MoroccoAlthough this was as near a bare-boned American burger as we’ve had in quite some time, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Given its simplicity, there was, of course, no where to hide when it came to flavour and execution.

Everything here though was on point, with a large and juicy patty, confidentally cooked medium rare on the inside, covered in plenty of delicious American cheese, and jalapenos adding that touch of heat.

As for the price, then a burger as large as this for just £8.89, and that too with fries, was easily worth it.


Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Macarons

Macarons, 70Dh (£5.66)


Putting aside the bells and whistles, the shiny exterior of any macaron is always a good indicator that it’s relatively fresh.

These turned out to be superbly executed, with a delicately crispy exterior and that familiar chewy interior.

Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake, 75Dh (£6.06)

Not sure we would call this a cake, given its texture. Nevertheless, there was no denying the quality of the variety of chocolates used.

Despite the misleading name, this was a tasty affair, with the crunchy milk chocolate coating giving way to dark brittle chocolate, which itself encased a chewy caramel centre. The shiny smooth chocolate sauce just helped bring the entire thing together.

Le 32 Resto
4.5 FTL's Roar
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Alcohol/ Pork?
  • YES/ NO
Would Le 32 Resto be able to live up to being Asilah's third highest rated restaurant, according to the restaurantguru.com; and therefore one of the best in Morocco?

Well, having rated them 4.5/5, we'd say they've done enough, at least in our collective eyes, in living up to the reputation that drew us there in the first place.

The talented Chef Mjido Sefraoui has brought his French style of cuisine to Asilah and served us some outstandingly good dishes worthy of the beach-side landscape. With a seasonal menu, the Chef kept things true to his clasically French trained background, and allowed the natural flavours of the region to shine through.

Diners might also like to note that a 10% service charge will be added to your bill.

Menu Recommendation

Drink - Virgin Mojito

Starter - Lobster Bisque

Main - Pave De Saumon

Dessert - Macarons

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La 32 Resto (Asilah 32 Hotel)
Avenue Moulay Hassan Ben Mahdi, Asilah Tanger, 90050, Morocco

T: +212 5394-16452 | W: le32resto.com | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 08:00–23:30 | Fri-Sun 08:00–00:00

Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco Le32Resto Asilah 32 Hotel Restaurant Morocco

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