Best of London’s Halal Steak Scene

steakout-fiAs anyone who tends to regularly eat out in London will know, the Capital’s Halal culinary landscape is as rich and diverse as it’s ever been.

These are exciting times for restaurateurs, with innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship pushing the boundaries like never before.

Take the number of restaurants specialising in gourmet burgers that have hit the market in the past year alone. While it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that this particular scene may have now become somewhat saturated, at the same time, however, the fierce competition is driving these ventures to think outside the box and invent some new and really innovative burgers.

But, what’s perhaps even more exciting is to see focus being directed towards steaks, with recent steak houses committed in sourcing quality cuts of meat, while seeking to ensure a unique dining experience that concentrates not just on the eating, but, more importantly, the cooking of the steak.

And so, Feed the Lion brings you some of the Capital’s top Halal steakhouses and restaurants.



steakout steak out logoLondon Halal steaks cannot be mentioned without the mention of Norbury’s Steakout, for they are the original steakhouse.

Famous for their innovative approach and prime cuts of sizzling meat, Steakout is the place to come for a unique dining experience which not only pushes the boundaries of flavour but is also 100% Halal.


Sirloin Steak 200g


steakout steak out logo

1443 B London Road,
Norbury SW16 4AQ

T: 020 8621 0615


hs&co-logoHS&Co. is the latest restaurant to hit the impressive array of new eateries that have open in Stratford in recent times.

This one claims to be “East End’s largest steak restaurant”, and brings you Irish Steak cooked on the famous Josper Grill.

They do a number of cuts including the 200g Fillet Steak below that’s presented on a dark wooden rustic-looking board with pickled red cabbage.


Fillet Steak – Cut from the Tenderloin, this is a very lean steak with little amount of fat. Recommended not to be cooked more than medium rare. (200g), £20.50


405 High Street, Stratford,
London, E15 4QZ.

T: 0208 555 3322

Meat House London

logo meat house london halal food review feed the lionMeat House London is a large steak house in Islington that offers a number of impressive cuts including a 14-day dry-aged Tomahawk.

This one comes with an assortment of well-cooked charred vegetables – vine tomatoes, carrots and courgettes – with all steaks served with one side (below is spicy rice) and a sauce of your choice – Bearnaise, Mushroom or Peppercorn.

meat house london halal food review feed the lion

Tomahawk 17oz. £34.95

logo meat house london halal food review feed the lion

Pentonville Rd,
London, N1 9JP

T: 020 7837 3300

Toro’s Steakhouse

toro's steak house london logoEstablished in Harrow, west London, Toro’s Steakhouse is a large establishment which, while offering their steaks as either Sizzlers or plain normal, encourages diners to experience the former. The entertainment factor here involves the steaks, along with a side (french fries, pasta or rice), being brought out on red hot cast iron plates before a rather watery sauce of either garlic, pepper or gravy is poured directly onto these fiercely hot plates causing them to ferociously sizzle and spit.

The sizzling Surf ‘n’ Turf below, which comes with two sides, comprises of butterflied prawns and fillets of steak resting atop spicy rice and chilli fries.

Toro's steak house harrow london

Surf ‘n’ Turf. £14.99 (with 2 sides and a sauce)

And for those seeking some crème de la crème, then they also offer a Filet Mignon which, though not on the menu, requires pre-ordering.

toros steak sirloin egg

Filet Mignon with regular chips, pasta and optional runny egg. £24.99

toro's steak house london logo

190 Station Rd, Harrow,
London HA1 2RH.

T: 020 8621 0615

Steak Inn

Steak Inn logo watfordSteak Inn in Watford boasts a unique selling point that’s two-fold in nature:

  • Exotic Halal Steaks that include Llama, Ostrich, Buffalo and Venison.
  • A cooking process that encourages the diner to fast cook their steaks on a 440°C preheated volcanic rock grill.

What sets this restaurant apart from the rest is the exotic steaks which, when coupled with the sound and smells of sizzling steaks being prepared all around you, promises to deliver a memorable experience.

buffalo Steak Inn Watford Italiano venison beef burger pizza halal lama ostrich drinks non alcohol wine beer

Steak Inn logo watford

195 St. Albans Road,
Watford, WD24 5BH

T: 01923 247 750

Brioche Burger

brioche burger logoAside from serving one of the best burgers we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring (The Lone Ranger), Brioche Burger on Green Street in West Ham also offers 21 day dry-aged Aberdeen Angus steaks that are presented on smart, custom-made wooden steak boards.

The rib eye comes with large double fried chunky chips, a pan-fried Heritage tomato, and red onion.

And with that you have the option of either peppercorn, Bearnaise mushroom, or beef sauce.

brioche burger steak HMC Aberdeen Angus 21 day dry aged

Rib Eye – 8oz 21 day dry-aged Aberdeen Angus steak, £21.99 (non-Angus £16.95)

brioche burger logo

East Shopping Centre
232 Green Street
London E7 8LE

T: 020 8566 4141

Flaming Cow

Flaming Cow LogoWith two branches – one in Eton and the other in Ealing Broadway – Flaming Cow is an impressive joint that does a Vintage 40 day, dry aged, 8oz burger which simply floored us. In addition, however, they also have a delicately smoked 28 day, dry aged, rump steak on the menu.

Presented with a simple salad, the chunky piece of steak is well charred and boasts impressive griddle marks.

Certainly one to consider if you’re feeling that carnivorous urge.

steak sirloin rump Flaming Cow Ealing Broadway Goutmet burger American dinning halal hot dog fries chicken wings

10oz Dry Aged Rump Steak – 28 day dry aged Dedham Vale rump steak, rocket and red onion salad & herb fries £15

Flaming Cow Logo

29 Bond Street, Ealing,
London, W5 5AS

T: 020 8566 4141

Sponsored by Steakout

Innovating flavours, precision cuts, pushing boundaries and stretching the limits of those unconditioned taste buds.

Reinventing and revolutionising steak dining.

Originating in early 2008 we took the known into the unknown; taking the all so common beef steak, tenderising, marinating with unique flavours and serving in our sizzling Steakout style…the result?

It went down a treat! Soon after we became the most recognised halal steak dining restaurant in the UK.

Now were just running to feed the frenzy! With rapid expansion plans across the country stay tuned for a Steakout near you coming soon!


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