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A Wreck (Potbelly’s House Special) – Crammed full of hand-sliced meats including salami, premium roast beef, turkey and Swiss cheese, £5.95


Although the sandwich is accepted as a quintessentially British invention, today, this humble food is enjoyed right across the world, particularly across the shores in the U.S. of A.

It’s America, after all, that introduced the world to a type of sandwich that billions of us have consumed at one time or another, often overlooking it for what it really is, from fast food giants like McDonald’s and Burger King.

So what constitutes a “sandwich”? Alas, the answer, it seems, is as varied as the variety of sandwiches available and the global influence had on this humble food.

Potbelly has an entirely Halal menu.

And while the origin of the word is said to originate from 18th century’s Kent in England, whose fourth Earl John Montagu apparently asked for his beef meal to be delivered between two slices of bread during a game of cards, not only has America dedicated November 3 to celebrating National Sandwich Day, but also singlehandedly elevated the sandwich into a global market worth billions.

With Britain’s Halal sandwich market limited to a handful of Halal Subway restaurants, you’ll be delighted to learn that the legendary Chicago-based Potbelly Sandwich Shop has recently opened its first restaurant across the pond in Europe’s biggest shopping mall, Westfield Stratford City.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop - Westfield Stratford


Situated on The Street, Potbelly is decked out with comfortable seating, vintage pendant lights and antiques in a nod to the heritage of the brand.

A beautiful antique Potbelly stove has pride of place, making the shop feel more like home away from home than a fast food restaurant.

Live music is a big part of the Potbelly experience making it a unique eatery among the many other Westfield restaurants. Serving a little soul with its sandwiches, Potbelly champions up-and-coming singer/songwriters, with regular performances hosted at shops across the States and now in the UK too.


potbelly-sandwich-westfield-stratfordPotbelly has an entirely Halal menu. Hot, toasted sandwiches are Potbelly’s speciality, generously stuffed with a host of quality meats and fillings. Choose your sandwich on signature white or multigrain bread from the main menu, or go Skinny with less meat and cheese served on thinly-cut bread.

The house special, A Wreck (£5.95), crammed full of hand-sliced meats including salami, premium roast beef, turkey and Swiss cheese, is the star of the pack, while the Meatball (£6.75) in a rich tomato and herb sauce topped with melted provolone cheese is an American dream in a sandwich. The Mediterranean (£5.75), a popular vegetarian option, is a mix of harissa hummus, crumbled feta, artichokes and red peppers.

Sandwiches can be customised with free toppings including lettuce, pickle, onion, tomato, Signature hot peppers, mustard, mayo, a drizzle of oil or a sprinkling of Italian seasoning. Optional additions (£0.55 – £2.60) include mushroom, avocado, turkey bacon, double meat or extra cheese.


The Buffalo Chicken


Salads, priced from £6.75 – £6.95, are made fresh to order, generously layered with a base of spinach and romaine lettuce topped with fresh, flavoursome ingredients, with a dressing on the side – Balsamic & Herb; Honey & Mustard; Buttermilk Ranch.

Options include the Farmhouse Salad with boiled egg, blue cheese and turkey bacon crumbles; Chickpea Veggie Salad; or the Uptown Salad (below) with chicken breast, grapes, cranberries, candied walnuts, apple, blue cheese and red onion.


Uptown Salad – chicken breast, grapes, cranberries, candied walnuts, apple, blue cheese and red onion.

A selection of soups includes curried parsnip, seafood chowder, or a big pot of beefy chilli.

A great kids’ menu makes Potbelly the perfect family hangout. The recently launched Kids’ Combo includes a kids’ sandwich (choose from a Pizza Sandwich, Turkey-Ham & Cheese, simple Toasted Cheese or Peanut Butter & Jam), a drink and choice of cookie or ice cream sundae – all in at £4.95.



Real Fruit Smoothies – Strawberry (left), Mixed Berry (middle), Banana (right)

Potbelly Promise: Fresh, Fast and Friendly!

Grab a cup and fill your soft drink from the freestyle drinks machine with complementary refills. Hot drinks include a selection of speciality teas, luxury hot chocolate and a variety of rich, full-bodied Arabica coffees, from single espresso to caramel latte.

Hand-dipped malts, shakes and smoothies are a must-try and include American combos (mocha, peanut butter and chocolate), fruity flavours (mixed berry, fresh banana) and cool classics (vanilla, coffee and Oreo).

The fridge is also stocked with Jeffrie’s Root Beer, Heartsease Sparkling Pressé, Cawston Press Sparkling Drinks and Vita Coco coconut water.


Oreo Shake

Breakfast is served daily until 11am – grab-and-go en route to the office or eat-in with options of luxurious porridge topped with fresh fruit, candied walnuts and soft brown sugar, Greek yoghurt with granola and berries or topped bagels. Breakfast sandwiches are also available, filled with your choice of egg, turkey bacon, beef sausage and cheese.

Baked fresh each morning on site, Potbelly’s world famous cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip or chocolate brownie) are a real treat; or for the super sweet-toothed, try the ice-cream cookie sandwich. Grab a bag of Propercorn, Corkers Crisps or Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces to crunch to your heart’s content!

The Potbelly Story
logoBack in 1977, Potbelly started out as a quaint little antiques shop specialising in Potbelly stoves in downtown Chicago.

Although this quirky shop of memories was doing reasonably well, the determined young owners knew it could do better. They decided to start serving warm, toasted sandwiches to their customers, along with hand-dipped shakes and homemade cookies. Little did they know that their delicious sandwiches served in this unique atmosphere would create such a buzz, resulting in lines reaching out the door and around the corner!

potbelly-stoveAs time passed, the “little antique shop that could” was slowly turning into the neighbourhood’s local favourite sandwich shop, complete with toasty warm sandwiches, shakes and cookies served up alongside live music and great, all-American friendly service.

Over the years, Potbelly love began to spread, with more and more sandwich shops opening all over the country.

By 2008, there were 200 Potbelly Sandwich Shops in neighbourhoods across the United States, all with the same, homely feel as the original shop on Lincoln Avenue.

Today, the magic continues with more than 500 Potbelly Sandwich Shops around the globe, including the Middle East, Canada and Europe, each serving great food in line with the Potbelly Promise: Fresh, Fast and Friendly.

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