Merzee Restaurant Halal Indian Manchester

Iconic Royal Nawaab Manchester no more! Merzee takes over…


Merzee Restaurant Halal Indian Manchester

Credit: Merzee Restaurant

The iconic Royal Nawaab in Manchester’s Levenshulme has quietly been taken over by Indian restaurant Merzee.

Having celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, the famous buffet and banqueting hall on Stockport Road has been as much a part of the UK’s Halal restaurant scene as any other.

Opening on the site of a former cinema back in 2003, the popular Indo-Pak brand was in the news for all the wrong reasons in 2021 following a bitter fall-out between the founders.

A High Court judgement reportedly mentioned at the time how founders Tariq Mahmood Malik and Mahboob Hussain Junior had fallen out within a few years of launching resulting in a protracted court dispute.

Despite the business being “very profitable”, the judge had ruled that 50 per cent of the company needed to go on sale as per the terms set by the court, it was reported.

Merzee takes over Royal Nawaab’s Facebook page too

On Friday, Merzee posted its first Instagram post announcing: “Manchester’s newest Indian/Pakistani restaurant,” with a representative confirming with FtLion: “We are open and fully halal.”

But Merzee appears to have directly taken over Royal Nawaab’s existing Facebook account with the page title still reading “Royal Nawaab Manchester” and some previous posts still remaining.

While Merzee will be running a similar setup to it predecessors, with a banqueting service being offered, it is currently uncertain if Royal Nawaab’s legendary buffet service will also be continued or whether it will merely function as a traditional restaurant.

Though a menu is still forthcoming, Merzee will be serving “authentic South Indian cuisine” which includes “savory curries to succulent tandoori chicken”, according to its website.

Merzee Restaurant
1008 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3WN.

T: +44 (0)161 224 6969 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 17:00-23:00 | ??Sat-Sun 13:00-23:00

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  • Is it true that now it’s owned by an Indian and mainly contains South Indian dishes?

    16 Apr '23
    • it is not true but the restaurant is with original owners and one partner has been removed from the partnership through the court decision, the information is already published in the manchester local newspapers.

      27 Nov '23

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