Muslim Aid to hold 5 London food drives for the needy

One of the UK’s leading Muslim charity organisations will be holding the first of five food drives at a South London mosque this weekend.

Seeking to raise 2-tonnes of food for the homeless and needy this winter, Muslim Aid will be at Croydon Mosque this Saturday 9th to gather as much food aid as possible between 12-2pm for distribution through foodbanks and soup kitchens.

The aid agency said it was important that all food contributed still be in date with items small- and packet-sized being ideal for distribution.

Excluding rice or pasta, Muslim Aid highlighted the following food items and amenities as prime examples: long-life milk (UHT), cereals, cooking oil – 1L max, tinned fruit and vegetables, tinned fish, sugar/ sweetener, jam/ marmalade, salt, pepper, stock cubes (vegetarian), instant noodles and lentils, baby milk (powder), and baby nappies.

“We are gathering a mountain of dry food items and distributing them to foodbanks and soup kitchens to feed people who are desperate and hungry. For some, the food they receive, will be their only meal of the day,” said Muslim Aid.

“Please join us in gathering as much food as we can for those who are in need!”

The UK-based international relief and development agency will be organising a further four food drives across South and East London.

Lasting until the end of January, the five food drives will be taking place on the:

Rising living costs, unemployment and financial uncertainty are pushing many ordinary people to the poverty line, Muslim Aid reported.

Having worked for over three decades to help save and improve the lives of millions in over 70 countries, the charity organisation has said that over 2 million people are malnourished and missing meals to feed their children.

“It may be hard to believe but life has never been harder for some families in the UK,” Muslim Aid said, before adding: “In the UK, over 2 million people are malnourished & missing meals.”

More details about the food drives can be seen at the following Facebook event page:

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