The official Halal awards feed the lion 2017

#FtLion nominated finalist at The Official Halal Awards 2017

Feed the Lion has been shortlisted as a finalist for the first ever Official Halal Awards this year.

The Halal food news site is now up for the ‘Halal Food Blog of the Year’ award along with seven other Halal food bloggers.

FtL’s Editor and co-founder, Hamza Bajwa, said: “We’re very excited at being shortlisted for these awards. We wish to thank all our readers for nominating us and for your continued support in making Feed the Lion the UK’s premier Halal food news site.”

Co-founder Haseeb Bajwa added: “These Halal awards are a testimony of the growing strength and sustained determination of everyone involved in the Halal food industry, and we here at Feed the Lion want to personally thank everyone who’s contributing towards the success of Halal and everything that this concept stands for.”

We wish to thank all our readers for nominating us and for your continued support in making Feed the Lion the UK’s premier Halal food news site.

Organised by Oceanic Consulting, an ethnic promotions and consulting company behind a number of successful award ceremonies that include The British Muslim Awards and The Curry Awards, this inaugural Halal Awards will be celebrated at the Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham on 20 November.

With the halal industry in the UK experiencing significant growth over the past few years, the awards seek to acknowledge the hard work put in by the many suppliers and establishments in the industry.

Irfan Younis, CEO of Oceanic Consulting, said: “We are delighted by the support we have had from the public who have voted for their favourites to show them the appreciation they deserve. The inaugural Halal Awards aim to celebrate the most dedicated and successful establishments and professionals in the British halal industry. We wish all the finalists the best of luck.”

Here is a full list of the finalists of The Official Halal Awards 2017:

Halal Food Blog of the Year

  • Feed The Lion (London)
  • Halal Girl About Town (London)
  • My Big Fat Halal Blog (London)
  • Halal Chronicles
  • Haloodies (London)
  • Halal Mama (Luton)
  • Halal Food Guy (London)
  • Steak and Teeth (London)

Halal Abattoir of the Year


  • Gafoor Pure Halal (Ltd) (Preston)
  • Yorkshire Halal (Wakefield)
  • TC Meats (Manchester)
  • Melton Meats (Melton Mowbray)


  • Janan Meats (Birmingham)
  • Pak Mecca Meats (Birmingham)
  • Farmer’s Fresh (Warwickshire)
  • 1 Stop Halal (Birmingham)
  • Eden Valley (Kent)
  • Cargill (Gloucestershire)
  • Romford Halal Meats (Essex)
  • Jaspers (Cornwall)

Halal Retailer of the Year


  • Maqbools (Edinburgh)
  • Appna  (Manchester)
  • Asia Continental (Preston)
  • Food Basket (Ltd) (Manchester)
  • Haji Superstore (Rochdale)
  • Kashmir Superstore (Bury)
  • Manchester Superstore (Manchester)


  • Options Supermarket (Birmingham)
  • Al Halal (Birmingham)
  • Food World (Birmingham)
  • Asiana (Nottingham)
  • Raasa Brothers (Birmingham)
  • M&T (Walsall)
  • Green Supermarket (Birmingham)


  • Exotic (Reading)
  • Istanbul (Canada Food Market) (Reading)
  • Tahmid (Oxford)
  • Bismi Cash & Carry (Milton Keynes)
  • Euro Halal (Luton)


  • Taj Stores
  • Patel Bros
  • Quality Foods
  • Grainmill Cash & Carry
  • Veenas Cash & Carry
  • Al Dimashqi
  • Green Valley

Halal Restaurant of the Year


  • Beirut (Edinburgh)
  • The Mosque Kitchen (Edinburgh)
  • Nur (Glasgow)
  • Ada Restaurant (Edinburgh)
  • Al Sultan (Glasgow)
  • Kebabish (Edinburgh)
  • Yaadgar (Glasgow)

North West

  • Chesters Grill (Preston)
  • Junction 51 (Blackburn)
  • Maida (Blackburn)
  • Roomali (Blackburn)
  • Shahi Qila (Blackburn)
  • The African Steak Hut (Blackburn)
  • The Food Box (Manchester)

North East

  • Aneesa’s (Newcastle)
  • The Bake (Newcastle)
  • Mumtaz (Newcastle)
  • Beirut Lounge (Newcastle)
  • Alsham Restaurant (Newcastle)
  • Khushi (Middlesbrough)
  • Dabbawal (Newcastle)


  • Cona (Bradford)
  • Romeos Diner (Bradford)
  • Zouk (Bradford)
  • Jinnah (Bradford)
  • Cafe Zoya (Bradford)
  • Chopsticks (Bradford)

East Midlands

  • Bosphorus Restaurant (Nottingham)
  • Steak Lounge (Nottingham)
  • Farros (Nottingham)
  • Fernandez Grill (Leicester)
  • Leicester Steakhouse (Leicester)
  • Kobe Sizzlers (Leicester)
  • Istanbul Restaurant (Leicester)

West Midlands

  • Manjoros (Birmingham)
  • Sultan (Coventry)
  • La Favourita (Birmingham)
  • Shahi Masala (Birmingham)
  • Bun & Steak (Birmingham)
  • Birmingham Grillz Steakhouse (Birmingham)
  • BB Nite (Birmingham)

East of England

  • Buffalo Grill (Luton)
  • Al Frango (Luton)
  • Shahi Nan Kebab (Luton)
  • G’s Gourmet Burger (Luton)
  • Nazar (Bedford)
  • Efes (Cambridge)
  • Lagona (Cambridge)


  • El-Halal Tandoori (Aylesbury)
  • Aroma Lounge (Southampton)
  • Sultan Balti Palace (Wokingham)
  • Bakery House (Reading)
  • Istanbul Grill (Reading)
  • Al Fairoz Kebabish (Milton Keynes)


  • Broiche Burger
  • Big Moes Diner
  • Steakout
  • Darbaar
  • HS & CO
  • Imperial Lounge
  • Stax
  • Man Vs Food
  • Bintang


  • Mirchi (Cardiff)
  • Shaam Nights (Cardiff)
  • Lilo Express (Cardiff)
  • Sen Bbq II (Newport)
  • Grill N Shake (Cardiff)
  • Chicken House (Cardiff)
  • Lyalena (Cardiff)

Halal Takeaway of the Year


  • Chilli Pepper (Perth)
  • The Lemon Tree (Glasgow)
  • Lasani (Glasgow)
  • Kebab Mahal (Edinburgh)
  • Chilli Grill (Glasgow)
  • Red Pepper (Glasgow)
  • Shawarma King (Glasgow)

North West

  • Al Quds (Blackburn)
  • Santa’s Pizza (Burnley)
  • Arizona Joes (Bolton)
  • Chicken Shaq (Bolton)
  • Charcoal Cuisine (Blackburn)
  • Flaming BBQ (Rochdale)
  • Mamas Grill (Bolton)

North East

  • Frandos Peri (Stockon On Tees)
  • Gosforth Flame (Newcastle)
  • Rowshuni Indian Takeaway (Sunderland)
  • Cinnamon Indian Takeaway (Newcastle)
  • Dadual (Newcastle)
  • Moonlight Tandoori (Newcastle)
  • Chom Chom Spice (Newcastle)


  • Red Chilli (Wakefield)
  • Pizza Del Maestros (Bradford)
  • McDonners (Bradford)
  • SFC (Bradford)
  • Kash Indian (Bradford)
  • Takdir (Sheffield)
  • Sultan (Sheffield)

East Midlands

  • Doorstep Desserts (Leicester)
  • Shazmins (Leicester)
  • Grizzlers (Leicester)
  • Spice (Nottingham)
  • Spicy Nights (Nottingham)
  • Top Pizza (Derby)
  • Alvaston Fast Food (Derby)

West Midlands

  • Tev Burger (Birmingham)
  • Fargos Food Factory (Birmingham)
  • Le Codfather (Birmingham)
  • Broadway 2 Sparkhill (Birmingham)
  • Caspian Pizza (Birmingham)
  • Rooster Hut (Birmingham)
  • Chargrill (Coventry)

East of England

  • Flying Pizza (Bedford)
  • AMK Peri Peri (Bedford)
  • Masala Curry (Bedford)
  • Village Tandoori (Luton)
  • Peri Peri (Luton)
  • Tariqs (Luton)
  • Masterchef Indian Takeaway (Luton)


  • Franzos
  • Loaded
  • Al Halal Fried Chicken
  • Munch Box Halal#
  • Ali Baba
  • Carne Carbana
  • Burgo

Halal Butcher of the Year


  • Ya Kareem (Edinburgh)
  • Maqbools (Edinburgh)
  • Al Raheem (Edinburgh)
  • KRK (Glasgow)
  • Strawberry Gardens (Glasgow)
  • Food Asia (Glasgow)
  • Babylon (Glasgow)

North West

  • Kasho (Manchester)
  • Venus Foods (Manchester)
  • PK Foods (Blackburn)
  • Makkah Halal (Blackburn)
  • Kahmir Watan (Preston)
  • United Halal Centre (Manchester)
  • Fiza (Manchester)

North East

  • Pamir (Newcastle)
  • Newcastle Halal Foodstore (Newcastle)
  • Najeb Supermarket (Newcastle)
  • MA Brothers (Newcastle)
  • Madina Foodstore (Newcastle)


  • GT Butchers (Bradford)
  • Ahmed Halal Meats (Bradford)
  • Khawaja Poultry (Bradford)
  • The Halal Butcher (Sheffield)
  • Freshways (York)
  • Karim Bros (Leeds)
  • Noor Foods (Leeds)

East Midlands

  • Sharif Halal (Derby)
  • Pak Foods (Derby)
  • Al Khalid (Leicester)
  • Nottingham Halal Meats (Nottingham)
  • Soleys (Leicester)
  • FB Halal Meats (Leicester)

West Midlands

  • Dudley Halal (Dudley)
  • Charles Halal (Coventry)
  • Bismillah Halal Meat Co (Coventry)
  • Pak Continental (Wolverhampton)
  • Birchfield Halal (Birmingham)
  • Wardend Halal (Birmingham)
  • Pak Foods (Stoke-On-Trent)

East of England

  • Alnoar Grocers (Cambridge)
  • Insaf Halal (Bedford)
  • Super Euro (Bedford)
  • HMC Halal (Luton)
  • Al Halal (Luton)
  • Afghan Stores (Luton)
  • Sevendays (Luton)


  • Haji Halal Meats
  • Premier Halal
  • Khans Halal
  • Nimat
  • Hanwell Halal
  • Shah Halal
  • Shepherds Bush
  • Taria Halal
  • JR Butchers
  • Bismillah Butchers


  • Altaf Halal (Chatham)
  • Frescho (Hemel Hempstead)
  • Grill Catering (Watford)
  • Medina Foodstore (Slough)
  • H&S (Slough)
  • Int Foods (Southampton)
  • Ahmeds (Milton Keynes)


  • Shopright (Cardiff)
  • Exotica (Cardiff)
  • Pak Butchers (Cardiff)
  • Continental (Cardiff)
  • Masala Bazar (Newport)

Halal Food Chain of the Year

  • Dixy Chickem (Bolton)
  • Pepe’s (Watford)
  • Tortilla (London)
  • Chicken Cottage (London)
  • Big Johns (Birmingham)
  • Chunky Chicken (Leicester)
  • Rooster Peri Peri (Middlesex)
  • Caspian Pizza (Birmingham)
  • Chopstix Noodle Bar (London)
  • Peri Peri Original (London)

Halal Product of the Year

  • Pakeeza Yogurt (Rochdale)
  • For Aisha (Grantham)
  • Haloodies (London)
  • Lewis Pies (Swansea)
  • Natures Well (London)
  • Halaal Vitamins (Bradford)
  • The Trusty Pie Co (Swansea)
  • Jasats Pies (Blackburn)
  • Piemezzanae (Blackburn)
  • Latin Honey Shop (London)

Best Online Site

  • (Dewsbury)
  • (Watford)
  • (London)
  • Mr Mango Delivery (Birmingham)
  • (London)
  • Abraham Organics (Kent)
  • (Slough)
  • (Slough)
  • Sara’s Halal Foods (Blackburn)
  • Sultan’s Halal (Essex)

Best in Confectionary

  • The Sweet Path (Essex)
  • Heavenly Delights (Essex)
  • Appleton Sweets (London)
  • Halal Sweet Company (London)
  • Sweet Valley (Birmingham)
  • Shear Sweets (Dorset)
  • Sweetzone (Dundee)
  • Family Favourites (Glasgow)
  • ZAP Sweets (London)
  • Aladdins Sweets (Birmingham)
  • Berzo Confectionary (Kent)

Best Use of Tech

  • (London)
  • Halal Spot
  • Halal Dining Club (London)
  • Man vs Halal Food (Leicester)
  • Halal Hunt (Peterborough)
  • HDS Scotland (Glasgow)

Best Use of Halal

  • Warburtons (Bolton)
  • Kelloggs (Warrington)
  • KFC (Milton Keynes)
  • Nandos (London)
  • Subway (Cambridge)
  • Allied Bakeries (Maidenhead)
  • ASDA (Leeds)
  • Morrisons (Bradford)
  • Tesco (Welwyn)
  • (London)

Halal Manufacturer of the Year

  • Halal Ready Made Meals (London)
  • Spice Time (Birmingham)
  • Shan (Leicester)
  • Punjab Kitchen (South Shields)
  • Halal Kitchen (Bolton)
  • Fazila Foods (Ltd) (Bolton)
  • Munshis Halal (Dewsbury)
  • Regal Foods (Bradford)
  • Kashmir Crown Bakeries (Bradford)
  • Tubzee Kulfi (Halifax)

Halal Brand of the Year

  • Brunei Halal Foods (Birmingham)
  • Tahira Foods (London)
  • KQF Foods (Blackburn)
  • Haji Baba (London)
  • Najma Foods (London)
  • Shazans Foods (London)
  • Humza Foods (Colchester)
  • Sara’s Halal Foods (Blackburn)
  • Mumtaz (Bradford)
  • Aytac (London)
  • Haloodies (London)

Best European Halal Supplier

  • Ardos (Poland)
  • Kuhne + Heiz (England)
  • Avimosa (Spain)
  • Aya France (France)
  • Sezak Srl (Italy)
  • Gusto Dairy (Greece)
  • Verstegen (Netherlands)
  • Anatolia Helal Food (Dublin)

Food Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Foodery (London)
  • Tariq Halal Meats (Wembley)
  • Steakout (London)
  • Kaspa’s Desserts (London)
  • Oh My Good Nosh! (Luton)
  • Punjab Kitchen (South Shields)
  • My Lahore (Bradford)
  • Rajas (Bradford)
  • Tubzee Kulfi (Halifax)
  • Big Johns (Birmingham)

Halal Wholesaler of the Year

  • Universal Traders (Gloucester)
  • Barkat Cah & Carry (Blackburn)
  • Damasgate (London)
  • Liberty Foods (Leicester)
  • Adam Fast Foods Supplies (Bradford)
  • Pacitas (Burton Upon Tweed)
  • A&J Audhali (Warwick)
  • Eurofoods (Newport)
  • Asia Halal Meat Supplier (Birmingham)
  • Alfa Wholesale (Glasgow)

Halal Caterer of the Year

  • R&K Catering (Bolton)
  • Loonat (Batley)
  • Maida Catering (London)
  • Aziz Catering (Bradford)
  • All In One Caterers (Leicester)
  • Gulshan Iqbal Caterers (Leicester)
  • Lazeez Catering (London)
  • Eastern Catering (Leicester)
  • Itihaas (Birmingham)
  • Exquisite Caterers (Newsbury)

Halal Drink of the Year

  • Dynamite Energy Drinks (Glasgow)
  • Pure Heaven – Sunmark (Middlesex)
  • Mecca Cola (Birmingham)
  • The Mocktail Company (Watford)
  • Fruitti Me (London)
  • Mr Basil Drinks (London)
  • Evoca Drinks (London)
  • Freez Drinks (Manchester)
  • Bavaria (Burton-Upon- Trent)

Food Event of the Year

  • Eid in Trafalgar Sq (London)
  • Big Johns Mela (Birmingham)
  • Street Eats (London)
  • London Halal Food Festival (London)
  • Saverah Expo (Essex)
  • Muslim Lifestyle Expo (Birmingham)
  • London Muslim Lifestyle Show (London)
  • Living Islam (Manchester)

Recognition Award

  • Willowbrook Farm (Oxfordshire)
  • Bismillah Bakery (Birmingham)
  • Medina Poultry (Halifax)
  • Euro Quality Lambs (Shropshire)
  • Rooster Peri Peri (Middlesex)
  • (London)
  • Nafees Bakers (Bradford)
  • Pak Butchers (Bristol)
  • Mrs Unis Spicy Foods (Edinburgh)

Best Halal Street Food

  • Dogiers
  • Indicos Indian St Kitchen (Birmingham)
  • Bliss Street (London)
  • Rukhsanas  (London)
  • Mother Clucker (London)
  • Exotic Taqine (London)
  • Bamboo Kitchen (Birckenhead)
  • Churros Garcia (Middlesex)
  • Band of Burgers (London)
  • Gucho Grill

The awards support the National Zakat Foundation to fundraise for a worthwhile cause.

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