Feed the Lion is up for the 'Halal Food Blog of the Year' award on 20 November in Birmingham.

Aku Fu loves duck and noodles, and loves visiting this Chinese Noodle Bar for his duck fix.

A solid start for an ambitious restaurant which, among other things, serves Wagyu burgers.

A 10km interfaith walk to raise sponsorship for its local food bank in Brent.

Conservative county leader, Geoff Driver, accused of leading a “crusade”.

Of the 29 permanent stalls trading at this ancient market, 7 food stalls currently cater for Halal.

It offers a fully Halal food menu with an intriguing selection of dishes from the region.

Darjeeling Express: Indian Home Cooking to Nourish the Soul, to be published next year.

This Japanese sushi chain has been serving certified Halal chicken since 2010.