Oxford Homeless Project Invites Community for Grand Iftar

A Grand Iftar that seeks “to break barriers of race and religion” and “status and wealth” has been organised by Oxford’s Muslims.

The Oxford Homeless Project is inviting locals from all walks of life to come and celebrate community cohesion and unity at the Asian Cultural Centre on 1st June at 8pm.

The Project’s founder, Shabnam Sabir, told FtL that she’s “inviting everyone including the poor and homeless, as well as people like the Lord Mayor of Oxford and head of the County Council.”

An opportunity for people to understand the true essence of Ramadan

Having teamed up with More In Common, Oxford Brookes Islamic Society, Oxford University Islamic Society and the Big Iftar, Shabnam confirmed that she has “had a great response” so far.

We think it will be a great evening. And it’s also an opportunity for people to understand the true essence of Ramadan; and what better way to engage with others than to invite them to an Iftar,” she added.

While people are being encouraged to bring a dish each, the volunteer group is also welcoming food donations from food outlets, with three Halal restaurants already on board.

Shabnam told FtL that her ultimate goal is to bring people together because “we can all speak and understand the language of compassion irrespective of our backgrounds”.

“We need to break barriers of race and religion but also status and wealth,” Shabnam said.

In times like these it’s even more imperative that we stand together and unite in the face of evil and hatred,” she added.

For those looking to donate food, Shabnam can be contacted on 07888 659 924.

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