Popeyes UK Halal Chicken Restaurant Westfield Stratford London

US chain Popeyes in London’s Westfield Stratford ‘will be Halal’

Popeyes UK Halal Chicken Restaurant Westfield Stratford London

Credit: Popeyes

Our chicken in Stratford will be Halal and we have no pork or alcohol on the menu.

International US fried chicken chain Popeyes has not only revealed that its UK debut this November will be in London’s Westfield Stratford, but also its Halal status.

Recognising “that different folks have different tastes and needs” and that “everybody is welcome”, Popeyes says on its UK website that in addition to “sourcing UK Sourced, Red Tractor chicken… all of our chicken will be Halal”.

Popeyes has also confirmed with the FtLion: “Our chicken in Stratford will be Halal and we have no pork or alcohol on the menu.”

But FtLion has been informed that Popeyes’ breakfast menu is not Halal, with a representative clarifying: “We don’t serve chicken at breakfast, but our chicken served with our daytime menu remains Halal.”

With over 3,400 restaurants across the globe, the brand is planning to open 350 sites around Britain in the coming decade and said new sites will be announced “imminently”.

Popeyes, which was founded in New Orleans in 1972, said the initial restaurant will take up a 1,531 sq ft unit in Westfield Stratford City formerly occupied by KFC.

The brand hasn’t just promised that its “chicken is freshly prepared daily in our restaurants, NEVER frozen”, but that they “marinate all our chicken for 12 hours in our signature blend of Louisiana herbs & spices and then hand-batter to create that famous Popeyes Shatter-Crunch”.

Popeyes also revealed: “We have signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment and in doing so, we will work with our suppliers and Compassion in World Farming as we progress on our journey to deliver this by 2026 at the latest.”

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  • Stunned meat is not halal. If a weak animal dies whilst being stunned, the meat is then not halal. Hence, stunned meat is not 100% halal.

    4 Nov '21
  • Absolutely disgusting that yet another chain are using dirty, disgusting, sick-minded unethical halal meat. They say they want “everybody to be welcome” which is hilarious as they are exclusively focusing on the dietary needs of the 4-7% immigrant population, who only eat meat from an animal that’s had a slow, painful death and been cursed with muslim prayer. Catholics (the UK majority religion), Sikhs, Jews, etc. are forbidden from eating meat prepared for another religion, and those with no religion sometimes prefer to strictly not consume meat cruelly slaughtered in such a way. Literally every local takeaway in the UK serves this disgusting meat – franchise chains are our only hope of getting pure, British meat not prepared for a specific religion.

    6 Nov '21
    • Hahahahahahha James you are burning. I think it’s best you become vegetarian as soon everything will be halal

      13 Nov '21
    • I think your problem is with Muslims and Islam not the food My son or the way It’s slaughtered just come on out the closet As a islamphobe..
      Don’t worry I will wait till your get Wi-Fi connection again sitting up there in ya nasty council house

      17 Nov '21
    • catholicism is not the majority religion in the UK, that would be protestant

      21 Nov '21
    • Describe this comment in 2 words.
      For me

      Inaccurate and racist

      22 Feb '23
    • stay salty james you stupid B*****d the food is HALAL get over it you ignorant clown

      22 Jun '23
  • Time you became Vegan James

    “franchise chains are our only hope of getting pure, British meat not prepared for a specific religion” – errrr, most of the meat in the UK is imported, looks like someone need to do their homework and not shout out from the roofs ! :)

    15 Nov '21
  • James, why don’t you read up on what Red Tractor standards are before going on an ignorant diatribe. And also look at the followers of which religions actually care about in whose name their food has been slaughtered.

    18 Nov '21
  • LMAO!!!! JAMES u jokeman

    20 Nov '21
  • Hypocrite. If you really cared about the animal you wouldn’t eat meat full stop. You don’t care about how the animal is treated whilst alive, but all of a sudden you care about how it dies?

    And it’s free market capitalism, the business is there to maximise revenue.

    21 Nov '21
  • James would rather the Halal or Kosher method is not used so that the animal experiences full pain. Or maybe James does not like animals being killed for food at all? If so maybe James is a vegetarian or a vegan and in that case he has my full respect

    25 Nov '21

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