Yemen Sponsor Ramadan

Feed the starving in Yemen with Saba Relief this Ramadan

A charity initiative is seeking to help feed families in the war torn country of Yemen by providing water and a food pack during the month of Ramadan.

Saba Relief and Development Foundation is offering the opportunity to sponsor a family for £100 to help ease their suffering of hardship.

The sponsorship will also be contributing £50 to financial aid along with an Eid gift made up of new clothes, sweets and children’s toys.

The charity says on its website: “We aim to combat the hopelessness of poverty in response to the calls of desperation by the Yemeni people.”

With famine gripping the country, millions of displaced Yemenis are currently under severe threat of malnutrition.

Saba Relief, which was established in 2012, says that “a painful neglect by the world [is] forcing an entire country to endure a suffering not known in human history”.

It added: “Warfare is shredding through its infrastructure and the situation looks to only worsen. Treatable illnesses, displacement, lack of food, water and healthcare are a pinch on the surface and without your help, reality is looking bleak.”

For further information or to sponsor a family for £100, visit:

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