Sadaqa Day Mitzvah Alyth JW3

Sadaqa Day unites communities to help feed the needy

Sadaqa Day Mitzvah Alyth JW3

Credit: Mitzvah Day (Facebook), Scottish Police Muslim Association (Facebook)

Muslims and Jews came together for Sadaqa Day yesterday to help feed the poor and needy.

Volunteers from both communities busily prepared 3-course meals which were then distributed to various homeless shelters across North London.

Not only did the initiative attract various faith leaders, but also members of both the charity group Mitzvah Day and the North Western Reform Synagogue, Alyth, to contribute their time and effort to the cause.

Ahmed and Razi, leaders of the Golders Green Shia Centre at the Hippodrome, joined Rabbi Mark and Daniela Pears, an Interfaith volunteering organiser for Mitzvah Day, at the Jewish Community Centre JW3 to cook meals for the Together in Barnet Homeless Shelter.

The inspiration for Sadaqa Day comes from the many Islamic teachings on the blessings and virtues of charitable giving.

At the same, another group of Alyth members were working with Cricklewood Mosque members to cook for the users of Ashford Place – a community centre serving local homeless people.

A similar interfaith event also took place north of the border in Scotland at Hillington Park Parish Church.

Here representatives from various faith and non-faith groups joined the Scottish Police Muslim Association (SPMA) for Sadaqa Day where important donations were raised for the Glasgow South West foodbank.

Sadaqa Day was founded by Julie Siddiqi who has said that her inspiration behind its setup in 2015 was seeing the Jewish community on Mitzvah Day at a synagogue and “how good they are at volunteering and encouraging people to get involved in charity”.

Sadaqa Day takes place every March with individuals, mosques and other places of worship, schools, and charity groups encouraged to get involved in “acting in genuine service for others”.

The same message is echoed by Mitzvah Day, “a Jewish led day of social action” that sees Jews annually giving back to their community and others on 19th November.

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