Shahi Nan Kebab Southall

The Shahi Nan Kabab – Southall


56 High Street, Southall

The famous Shahi Na[a]n Kabab – so famous, in fact, that it has five branches alone in Southall (three of which are literally within a brisk 30 sec walk of each other).

Can’t figure out the logic in that; but given that they’ve survived up till now, they must be doing something right. In any case, decor and aesthetics isn’t exactly their strong suit, which is putting it mildly.

We also reckon the cutlery being used might be from a bygone era too, which makes this place uniquely distinct, though not necessarily in a good sense. Despite all this, the place obviously works as it continues to do what it’s meant to: serve up those iconic kababs.


So what’s all the fuss about? Well, tighten your chuddies and head on over to experience the best chilli sauce you’re ever likely to have. Yup; you heard us: CHILLI SAUCE. We can’t think of a more addictive one.

Having said that though, we do distinctly remember the sauce being thicker, i.e. not as watery, and chillier, from back in the day.

Similarly, there’s an issue with the length of the kebabs too, as we recall them being longer than they are now. This watering-down of their signature sauce, and the shrinking of their kababs, are all the hallmarks of what Pakistanis would dub as kanjoosi, or stinginess. And yet, having said all that, the entire thing, when had fresh off the grill there and then, still tasted so darn good!

Large Shahi nan kebab in fresh nan with extra chilly sauce and garlic sauce.

Large Shahi nan kebab in fresh naan with extra chilli sauce and garlic sauce.

The tandoor naan and kabab was brought alive, of course, by that sauce. It’s really hot; so if you can’t take your chilli, you might want to add some garlic sauce to dampen things down.

And always go for the tandoor naans (above), not the others. Oh and tell them to add extra sauce if you’re nasally congested. But be warned, you will suffer the consequences later on during the day (though it’s entirely worth it).

The rest of the menu pales in significance really. Old rice that’ll be reheated, and chicken curry with more oil than curry.

It’s one of the best naan kababs in the business, with the menu being value for money. It’s also a great lunch time snack; and its legendary status will keep it going for generations to come (we hope).

Shahi Nan Kabab
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Last Checked: 20/2/18
In all, this is a classic old school place whose reputation precedes it. Tales of Shahi Nan Kebab have been passed down from father to son. If this is the best naan kebab (and it is), then take your entire clan and have it fresh off the stove. You won't be disappointed. As to the best of the five, then old timers will tell you it used to be the original one "On The Bridge". But times change and so do people - for us, it's the small one next door to the police station.
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Shahi Nan Kabab Original – 56 High Street,  Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3DB. 020 8571 6395

Shahi Nan Kabab – 59 High Street,  Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3HF. 020 85710 777

Shahi Nan Kabab – 88E Northcote Avenue, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 2BA.

Shahi Nan Buffet – 88 High Street,  Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3DB. 020 3917 9267

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  • I love this place. Its all about the sauce, I agree.

    14 Aug '14
  • Awful place, the kebabs are pathetic, still I go back. I also get the donor chicken.

    18 Aug '14
  • Been coming to Shahi Nan for many years since it started out as a small hut on top of the station and seen it continue to grow while still delivering great food.

    If you are in the market for authentic Pakistani/Indian food then this has to be on your list to visit.

    Don’t expect a restaurant, this is still very much a canteen. You are given your dinner quickly, without fuss or attention to presentation.

    1 Sep '14
  • I’m sorry but what is up with the size of their kebabs? They are less than half the size of what a normal one ought to be yet charge close to a quid each. Scandalous!

    14 Dec '14
  • Absolutely disgusting.

    They don’t take cards.
    I had to walk meters to find a cash point just to pay for the food they double charged me.
    There are a lot of takeaways around the corner and I would recommend to go to one of them

    19 Feb '19

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