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Book ahead or be prepared to wait in a long queue.

The disorganised seating system was an absolute shambles. We saw families being forced to wait despite having apparently already booked ahead only to be told on arrival that they hadn’t!

20140729_212121Once you get a seat, this is how Jimmy’s works: there are a number of cuisines – all you can eat for £13.99. Plates are scattered randomly all over the place (yup, they don’t make things easy); and all the best in finding one that’s clean!

Drinks can only be ordered through the waiters and are not included as part of the buffet!

Sadly, we had finished two plates worth before someone came to take our drinks order, which took an age to arrive. You have no idea what non-alcoholic drinks are available because the drinks menu caters for alcoholics.

We were also told that everything is halal; of course, we took their (Muslims) word for it as you’re supposed to. Note, however, that pork is apparently served, though we didn’t encounter anything like that on the night.

The above plate consisted of veggie pizza, chips, sweet and sour chicken, spicy chicken pakora, fish pokara, and a variety of chicken wings.

Let’s put it this way: remember the school meals you got at primary school? ‘Nuff said!


The macaroni cheese above was hideous. The chicken biryani and lamb korma did not hit any spot. The pizzas (allegedly baked in wood-fired ovens) were poor.

What the flip were we eating here? By 9pm they had two bits of sushi which was similar to what you’d get from the Tesco sandwich section.

All this when Hand Made Burger Co. was only a stones throw away.

Stir fried spicy noodles with beef

Stir fried spicy noodles with beef

In hindsight, thinking of Jimmy’s forces one to recall a line from Pulp Fiction, except that the Lion’s version goes something like this: “Don’t Jimmy me Jules, don’t flippin’ Jimmy me. There’s nothing you can say that’ll make me forget how bad this place is, is there?!”

Anyway, the below represents a selection from their Indian cuisine. Somewhere among this slosh is: pakora curry; mushroom masala; BBQ chicken wings; chicken korma; vegetable curry – all mediocre (best least worst being mushroom masala).

Jimmy's IndianThis was almost the entire selection of dessert, we kid you not (the two bits of sushi were there only as a taster).

The best thing was the marsh mellows, the Ghulab Jaman, and the lemon drizzle cake. As for the ice-cream, pathetic – full of ice crystals.


Also note, if you offer an ice-cream cone to your child who hasn’t had anything to eat otherwise, they’ll charge you £6.99 straight up. If you dispute the case, i.e. argue that it was half a measly cone that you got for yourself but didn’t want, they’ll threaten you with, “Sirrrr, we are going to have to check the security cameras to see if she had the ice-cream or not.”

“No she had the ice-cream, what I’m saying is that I had some of it and gave her the rest.”

“Sirrrrr, she had the cone.”

And that was that!

Jimmy's World Kitchen
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Ever heard of the phrase: "JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE"? This place should be renamed Jack's World Kitchen, not Jimmy's!

What they essentially had were Asian chefs (and by Asian we mean chefs predominantly from the Indo-Pak region) cooking almost all the cuisines be it Indian, Thai, Italian (in their eyes, pasta and pizza was enough to justify an Italian section!!!), or otherwise. Now, that wouldn't be such a bad thing if they were doing it right; sadly, however, they aren't. And as with any buffet joint that tries to be a 'Jack of all trades', there is always the threat that it might just turn out to be a master of none, and this is precisely the case with Jimmy's.

The whole selection was cheap food put out en masse with little love put into it. Although this place boasts the byline 'World grill & bar', all we saw was a huge alcohol bar and but not much grill (discounting the woks).

Some of the Lions also became paranoid after seeing plates and cutlery with clear thumb prints over them. Who knows what else was clean or not. As for washing hands, then look for the bogs hidden way back at the far end of the restaurant near the dessert section (two double fire exit doors for those looking for a quick get away). Oh, and they're filthy too!

It's obvious that it's the concept that's the selling point for this joint, not the food. The idea is good, the execution not so. And unless this place sorts itself out in a hurry, many others will come to experience what we did and stay well clear. Also for those of you who strictly observe the rules of segregation - this is certainly NOT the place for you. As you can imagine with a large buffet restaurant where it's every ravenous one for themselves, there's inevitably going to be a lot of free-mixing that'll inevitably involve some bump n' grind.
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London Designer Outlet Centre
Wembley Park Boulevard

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed 11:30-23:00 | Thur-Sat 11:30-23:00 | Sun 11:30-22:00

T: +44 (0)20 8795 5377 | W: jimmysrestaurants.com

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  • I was told this place was good, but the pictures look like **** on a plate. Thanks for the heads up. What do you recommend when I go to the outlet?

    4 Aug '14
  • Been to Jimmy’s in Wembley Birmingham Epsom and Wimbledon but would never go again. Quality of food is worst I have ever encountered. Cheap and nasty. Wembley poorest of them all. Birmingham best of a poor bunch.
    Now I come to think of it I went to their Staines branch too but that was dark and dingy and not a memorable experience.

    14 Aug '14
  • Lol, you guys don’t hold back to you.
    Well that’s permanently off my list. Better find somewhere else to go now.
    Thanks for an honest review and keep this up…

    22 Feb '15

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