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Halal at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2017

Whether buying for retail, wholesale or foodservice, last week’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair was the place to be with over 700 inspiring, new and specialist producers gathered under one roof at the iconic Olympia London.

The Toasted Seed Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia HalalThis year’s 3-day event provided food and drink buyers the chance of discovering the latest trends that will be shaping the fine food industry.

Companies new to the UK market, established premium British Heritage brands and exciting international speciality producers provided buyers the unique opportunity of learning, networking and product sourcing speciality, artisan and fine food and drink.

With so many businesses being represented, there was also a good number of Halal and Halal-friendly companies.

As part of FtL’s comprehensive coverage of Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2017, here is a unique list of said companies showcasing a wide variety of quality Halal products.

Aagrah Foods

Each of our sauces is handmade in Yorkshire and our recipes have been loved by our restaurant diners for 40 years.

Aagrah Foods are a well established business in Yorkshire that have been in the restaurant industry for over 40 years.

Their Handmade Tarka Cooking Sauces from Yorkshire are Authentic and are free from anything artificial.

Launched in 2011, this Tarka Cooking Sauce range is their most popular recipes as favoured by thousands of loyal customers over a period of two decades!

Aagrah Foods’ delicious sauces can be ordered online now via their website (also currently available at selected Asda and Co-op supermarkets in Yorkshire only):



Spice Drops

Spice drops Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia HalalAt the Spice Drops stall was one face that we recognised immediately: TV chef, author and food consultant Manju Malhi, who not only had a considerable hand in the establishment of the business, but was also kind enough to sign a copy of her latest Easy Indian Cook Book.

With no artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings, Spice Drops was showcasing its Baking Collection.

Comprising of concentrated natural extracts of herbs and spices, these retain the taste and goodness of the raw spices, and are easy to use for food, drink, chocolates and baking.


Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Str-Eats street food pastries are part of a new and exciting on-the-go food trend that sees bite-sized snacks that are easily accessible, low in calories (“less than 99 cal per item”) and easily disposable.

While these looked like a samosa, they were made with hot crust pastry, and brought unique global filling flavours to the UK.

Cheeky Boys Sauces

Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Kaye Foong, an independent producer of the natural dips and marinade hot sauces of his company Cheeky Boys Sauces, described himself as an “adventurer and foodie” whose travels inspired him to capture the street food flavours encountered during his travels and produce these British made sauces.

Saucy Affair

The Toasted Seed Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

The Toasted Seed Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia HalalThe Saucy Affair Raw Sauce Company really was quite saucy in both its presentation and content.

Sporting an alluring masquerade mask, Producer Tanya Robertson-Lambert spoke enthusiastically about her “range of versatile, delicious and healthy all-natural sauces”.

The company is a London-based business that has introduced all-day dining sauces meant to be poured, cooked and enjoyed.

Hartwood Foods

Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Hartwood Foods is a Halal, family-run business that aims at providing customers with beef that “exceeds your expectations”.

They have carefully sourced their cattle and provide a range of meat cuts as part of their varied product range.

Honestly Co

The Toasted Seed Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Honestly Co carry the tagline “We Prep, You Cook”! Their products allow you to create a home made “authentic punjabi curry” in half the time by simply adding water, cooking oil, vegetables and meat/fish.

The Toasted Seed Company

The Toasted Seed Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

It was a genuine pleasure meeting Bahman and Vanessa Adlkish, the lovely couple behind The Toasted Seed Company.

Their toasted seeds are flavoured Hemp and Sunflower Sesame and Pumpkin mixes free from added oil, soya and sugar; no preservatives, wheat and gluten free, and suitable for celiacs and vegans.

Raw Halo

Raw Halo Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Founder and Director, Meg Haggar, said that Raw Halo is an award-winning artisan raw chocolate brand.

Her chocolate range is made using the “finest Peruvian cacao and is certified organic, vegan, refined sugar free and gluten-free”.

aagrah tarka cooking sauces curry order online


Adonis Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Founder Ingo of Adonis is attempting to tap into the snack-bar market.

Winner of the Free From Awards, he has created natural, low sugar nut-bars designed for everyday people, rather than athletes, with the aim of avoiding a blood sugar spike.

Irvins Salted Egg

Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

This peculiarly named Singaporean-based snack company says it specialises in “Dangerously Addictive Salted Egg Snacks”.

Coming in two varities – Potato Chips and… wait for it,  Fish Skin (apparently very popular in that region) – Irvins’ food creations are said to be “freshly made & handcrafted without any preservatives, using only the best ingredients”.

Hibiscus Lily

Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia HalalHibiscus Lily is an award-winning artisan producer of marmalade, jams, jellies, chutneys, relishes and spiced nuts, located in Hertfordshire.

It’s Lemon & Ginger with Turmeric Marmalade recently won the Great Taste 2017 award.

The company’s products are Indian-inspired and use “natural ingredients, locally sourced where possible”.

Zeo Drinks

zeo Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

This London-based drinks company produces “all-natural, low calorie” soft drinks.

Blended with natural fruit juices, exotic botanicals and a splash of spring water, they’re “big on flavour, without the guilt”.

Mighty Fine Honeycomb

Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

They claim that their “honeycomb is the Bee’s Knees, the big daddy, the top dog, the numero uno” of honey.

Not only do they handcraft each batch to get that light and crisp texture, they use only natural ingredients, dollops of honey and the best Belgian chocolate they can find.


Loves The Toasted Seed Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Oloves says that its pitted olives are “the tastiest fresh olives” that come in a range of delicious flavours.

These on-the-go snacks are said to be “high in loveliness and low in calories”.

Holy Cow! Food Co

Holy Cow Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Holy Cow! Sauces are multi-award winning that also sponsor a free school meal with every pack. Thus far they’ve already sponsored 116,000+ meals!

Managing Director, Gautum Sharma confirmed that her products were Halal-friendly and are available to buy from leading online retailers.


Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

Based in Coventry, Truede are a “natural Turkish Delight and luxury confectionery wholesaler”.

They claim to make authentic recipes that’s made in the traditional manner in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ten Acre

Ten Acre The Toasted Seed Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

CEO, Tony Goodman, confirmed that Ten Acre’s products were: Halal and Kosher certified; Gluten, Dairy, MSG and GMO Free, as well as Vegan and Vegetarian.

Ten Acre’s hand cooked crisps and popcorn are ‘Free From Plus’ – meaning they’re great-tasting, plus free from all the above!

Sim's Foods Ltd

The Toasted Seed Speciality & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

This Glamorgan-based family business produces snacks, meals and components that are Halal-friendly.

Manufacturing a range of gluten free, vegan and ethnic products catering for food service and retail, their products are available chilled, frozen and ambient.


Turmerlicious Specialty & Fine Food Fair Olympia Halal

This was an interesting concept. Given the health benefits of Turmeric (Director Maggie Howell was a walking encyclopedia in this regard), Turmerlicious is a new range of instant turmeric lattes.

All you do is add water, stir and enjoy! Available in the following flavours: vanilla, ginger, choco and chilli choc, these drinks are Vegan, as well as dairy, gluten and caffeine free.

Story So Far...
Our story starts in 1977 when Mohammed Sabir opened the first Aagrah in the small Yorkshire town of Shipley. His idea was simple; to recreate the food cooked in the home and in the villages in his native Kashmir.

As the family grew, the business grew and Sabir’s brothers Aslam and Iqbal helped to take the business from strength to strength. A notable achievement was Aslam winning the “International Indian Chef of the Year” award in 1996.

The business grew to become one of the largest chain of Indian restaurants in the UK; with delicious recipes at the heart of our success.

Both Sabir and Aslam received MBE’s for charitable services and services to the catering industry. Aslam also received a lifetime achievement award at the British Curry Awards in 2013.

In 2011 we launched our Tarka Cooking Sauce range; our most popular recipes as favoured by thousands of loyal customers over the years.

These sauces take us back to the roots of the Aagrah vision – allowing you to create scrumptious Kashmiri “home-style” dishes in your own home.


Sponsored by: Aagrah Foods

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