Every Fish Bar, Florence Pizza, Kachori, Kinaara, Noir, Qavali, Ritu, Tsaretta.

Dr Usman Qureshi invests over £350,000 into the new business.

More specifically, a range of mouthwatering Seafood Boil platters.

An "upscale" restaurant which offers dishes that "have been in our families for generations".

Nominees: Fatt Pundit, Kanishka, Quilon, The Mantl, and Ping Pan Asian.

An award-winning restaurant at the Radisson Blu Azuri Resort in Roches Noires.

Despite one of the best wagyu burgers had, this beachside restaurant flattered to deceive.

A restaurant that says it serves "the best tasting prawns in the world".

They recently won the Asian Restaurant Awards 'Best Middle Eastern Restaurant'!

Apart from burgers and steaks, there's over 100 dishes from the Middle East, South Asia and the Far East.