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Takul Halal Kitchen Making Life Easier Tesco Supermarket

Takul Halal Kitchen meals available in Tesco & Sainsbury’s


It’s no secret that in today’s fast-paced world, with things becoming increasingly hectic, we are all looking at ways of making life that little bit easier.

Takul Halal Kitchen Making Life Easier Tesco Supermarket

Who else does handcrafted samosas?

In that respect, there’s one ready meal company that has done exactly that. Takul ‘Halal Kitchen’ has made a huge impact since bursting on the Halal scene earlier this year with an exciting range of quick and easy meal solutions.

This London-based brand is on a mission to provide convenient, hassle-free, Halal accredited meals that are tailor-made for today’s busy schedules.

Takul, in fact, is part of the Stonehouse Foods family, who for years have been supplying a wide range of speciality Halal food products into multiple service sectors across the UK and Northern Ireland.

With an eye on the Halal industry’s chilled convenience sector, they are now focused on “making life easier” with a selection of tasty, ready to eat, cooked products that include Tex Mex meals and snacks, with much more on the way.

Takul Halal Kitchen Tesco Samosa Enchiladas

STAY TUNED: Takul intro Chicken Enchiladas & Lamb Samosas to Tesco, with more products to follow…

Takul enchiladas & samosas available in Tesco with more to follow…

Did you know that Takul recently introduced their Tex Mex Chicken Enchiladas and their handcrafted Lamb Samosas to Tesco stores across the country?

With more products to be introduced promptly next month, Muslims finally have the choice of high quality, affordable and convenient products available at our local supermarkets.

What’s more, not only are Takul currently in talks with other major supermarket brands, but they are set to introduce a delicious assortment of pizzas too.

And what a product range they currently boast too with a trio of Tex Mex meal boxes designed for those on the go during lunch, or seeking after something quick for dinner.

Takul Halal Kitchen Making Life Easier Tesco Supermarket

Tex Mex Meals: Chicken Enchiladas • Beef Loaded Potato Wedges • Chilli Con Carne & Steamed Rice – Convenient for lunch & dinner

  • Chicken Enchiladas with British minced chicken, refried beans, peppers and onions, all wrapped in a soft tortilla, topped with spicy tomato and mature cheddar cheese.
  • Beef Loaded Potato Wedges that are topped with spicy minced beef chilli with the light piquancy of mature cheddar cheese.
  • Chilli Con Carne with Steamed Rice where Mexican spiced British beef, kidney beans, onions and red pepper are all mixed in a rich chilli tomato sauce before being served with steamed rice.

Takul’s handcrafted snack boxes (each individual item is diligently handmade at their factory before being carefully inspected for quality control purposes) really sets this brand apart in terms of authenticity.

With a minimum of four in each packet, they offer Lamb Samosas filled with spiced minced lamb, onion and peas; spiced mixed Vegetable Samosas; Chicken Tikka Samosas; and Chicken Spring Rolls filled with oriental seasoned mixed vegetables and chicken.

Takul Halal Kitchen Making Life Easier Tesco Supermarket

Takul Snacks: Samosas & Spring Rolls – Every single one carefully handcrafted for quality & authenticity

But there’s one type of convenience food that has been neglected for far too long: quality Halal pizzas! Well, Takul have gone the extra mile in filling this gap with a ground-breaking selection of thin and crispy based pizzas.

You’ll soon be able to enjoy the following three varities, all topped in a rich tomato sauce: Pepperoni with mozzarella and sliced beef and chicken pepperoni; Meatball Marinara with beef meatballs and mozzarella cheese; and Chicken Fajita covered in strips of fajita spiced chicken, mixed peppers and red onion.

Tesco & Sainsbury’s to stock Takul range from 14 September…

The good news is that on 14 September, Tesco will experience an influx of Takul goods which won’t just include all the above, but two brand new product lines.

Not only will they be dropping a range of three types of Pastys – Chicken, Mexican Chicken, and Beef & Vegetable – but also a variety of Deli-Meats from Chilli Hot Dogs, Chicken & Turkey Sandwich Slices, and Turkey Salami, to Poultry Bacon, and Turkey Salami with a cracked peppercorn coating.

Takul Halal Kitchen Making Life Easier Tesco Supermarket

FINALLY! Takul fill the gaping gap in the market with their range of Halal accredited pizzas that scream quality…

But that’s not all. Selected Sainsbury’s stores will also be stocking not just their Chicken Enchiladas and Beef Loaded Potato Wedge ready-meals, but in addition to the aforementioned pizzas, a newly revealed Meat Feast.

As Takul put it so succuinctly: “Whether you are a working parent juggling a hectic family life, or a dynamic young go-getter out working and socialising to the fullest – we want to offer a range of products that you and your whole family can enjoy with the peace of mind that what you’re eating is 100% Halal and of course, delicious.”

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