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5 Halal recipe bloggers you have to be following in lockdown

Food businesses aren’t the only ones who’ve got their creative juices flowing during lockdown, food bloggers have found the time to do more than just dabble.

Some of the recipes they’ve published during lockdown 3.0 would give many a chef a run for their money, with some inspiring dishes.

Here’s a compilation of five of the better ones we’ve come across for you to try during your long hours at home.

Halal Recipe Food Bloggers Instagram Youtube Afelia's Kitchen

Credit: Afelia’s Kitchen

With 135k Instagram followers, Afelia’s Kitchen is one of the UK’s leading recipe content creators. The mother of four from London loves food and loves experimenting in the kitchen. As a British Bangladeshi, she shares a lot of authentic Bangladeshi recipes. With her mother being her greatest influence, her recipes are also inspired by her childhood memories.

As an example, just feast your eyes on this incredibly appetising Fish Kofta Curry. Not only does she share the whole process on her IG stories, but swears that this recipe will help fussy kids get started with fish.

Halal Recipe Food Bloggers Instagram Youtube Cook With Anisa

Credit: Cook With Anisa

Cook With Anisa requires little introduction. One of the UK’s most popular award-winning Muslim food bloggers, with almost 200,000 followers across the country and worldwide, Anisa’s done it all and is, therefore, the yardstick to aim for. If you’re not following her already, you’re missing out on some serious knowledge and know-how.

Recently, she put up as simple a recipe as one could ask for on how to cook a delicious Butter Chicken. Being one of the most popular curries, this delightfully creamy concoction is a must try.

Halal Recipe Food Bloggers Instagram Youtube Halal Chronicles

Credit: Halal Chronicles

Many of you will be familiar with Halal Chronicles. This husband and wife team have been established for quite some time now, with a strong online and social presence, and plenty of knowledge when it comes to the UK’s Halal restaurant sector. While their focus has sadly shifted from their impressive blogsite (in our view, their articulate and engaging reviews were easily some of the best in the business) to their Instagram account over the past couple of years, the move appears to be a shrewd one.

Having grown up in the restaurant industry, the hubby’s background in food evidently shows with the duo having published some outstanding home-cooked food from a variety of cuisines along with attractive photography to boot.

Recently, they put up a recipe and story video on how to make homemade Spicy Lamb Momos (dumplings), which even included the making of the dough!

Halal Recipe Food Bloggers Instagram Youtube Hungry For Goodies

Credit: Hungry For Goodies

Rabia of Hungry For Goodies has a massive Youtube following with over 180k subscribers. The half-Pakistani and half-Filipina food blogger, who is from Italy but currently residing in Manchester, brings the best of both worlds, with plenty of her family recipes to explore on her blog site and social channels.

This week, she published a recipe on how to cook a Keema Bake Casserole, which combines mince beef with mixed veggies, before being topped with thinly sliced potatoes and aubergine and baked.

Halal Recipe Food Bloggers Instagram The Modern Pakistani Cook House

Credit: The Modern Pakistani Cook House

A fellow Brit who’s relocated to Canada, the London-born working mum and home cook behind The Modern Pakistani Cook House, is an up-and-coming recipe blogger who has generously shared a number of outstanding recipes with readers of FtLion.

With her lucid and engaging style of presentation, Zareen’s acquired quite the reputation in the short while she’s been blogging on Instagram, having recently shared a live cooking slot on there with 2017’s UK MasterChef champion, and the 2019 British Restaurant Awards’ Best Chef, Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed.

Be sure to check out her vivid Shahi Hara Murgh Qorma in all its glorious green richness, fit for a royal feast, with pan-toasted blanched ‘badam’ (almonds) and roasted salted ‘pis’ta’ (pistachios). Describing the entire process as “quite straightforward”, there are a few steps that you simply cannot miss out. So be sure to follow her step-by-step process to help you replicate this “very different, decadent, luscious, yet fresh tasting Hara Murgh Qorma in your own home”.

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