Halal-Friendly Options at Waka ‘Nikkei Go Food’

HALAL STATUS Does NOT cater for Halal, but plenty of pescetarian and vegetarian dishes with zero risk of cross-contamination.

Waka Peruvian Japanese Ceviche London

Waka ceviches and tiraditos

Cross-contamination is avoided in our kitchen and that pork cross-contamination is controlled from the delivery to the packaging.

While Waka doesn’t cater for Halal, this new brand which for the first time brings Nikkei – the vibrant fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine – to the ‘grab-and-go’ market of London, does offer a wide range of pescetarian/ vegetarian dishes.

Waka Peruvian Japanese Ceviche London

Ceviche with blood orange wasabi leche de tigre (left), Pumpkin Salad (right)

Having opened earlier this month in the Square Mile at 39a Eastcheap, Waka has confirmed with FtL that “cross-contamination is avoided in our kitchen and that pork cross-contamination is controlled from the delivery to the packaging”.

It also clarified: “The only dish that contains alcohol is our green tea tiramisu, but the label specifies clearly that it contains sake.”

And with the restaurant catering to City workers, Londoners and visitors alike, all of whom will be pleasantly surprised at Waka’s incredibly affordable pricing, this ought to come as good news for Halal diners in the area looking for something different.

With all dishes said to be “prepared fresh every day” and priced from around £4 to £7, here’s what you can expect on the menu:

  • Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) & beetroot salad with rocoto dressing.
  • Ceviches, including sea bass and prawn, and Tiraditos – thinly-sliced raw fish – including salmon and yellowtail, served with freshly – made citrus sauces, all at £3.95.
  • Hot Bowls from £4.85 to £5.25, among them Salmon anticucho with Peruvian purple potato.
  • Cold bowls such as Tofu rice and Waka chirashi at £4.85 to £5.25.

While Waka’s ‘Nikkei Go Food’ is predominantly intended to be grab-and-go, a 60-cover basement dining area, decorated in the bright colours of Waka’s happy, playful palate will provide a welcome respite from the hectic Square Mile for those wishing to eat-in.

39a Eastcheap, London EC3M 1DE.

W: www.waka-uk.com | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00

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