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Epic Wales Halal restaurant food tour via Bristol

Epic Wales Halal restaurant food tour via Bristol


A food tour that combined some of Wales most exciting Halal restaurants and takeaways, as well as a visit to a unique Muslim-run farm, makes this one of the best so far.

Having toured cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Leicester, this was far more expansive, with eateries in Swansea and Cardiff via Bristol on the outskirts of Wales.

The tour itself was sponsored by one of the UK’s pioneering glamping sites, Harmony Farm in the hills of Torfaen, which provides a fully Halal immersive experience involving BBQs, B&B stays, wild camping, and so much more.

Halal holiday airbnb bnb camping eating BBQ in Harmony Farm Wales

Harmony Farm is unlike any camping destination in the UK…

But before all that, we had to visit a restaurant in Bristol which inadvertently went viral online after its owner innocently made a hilarious remark that was captured on a Channel 5 food series called ‘Inside…’.

Manzano’s owner Asam Aziz was heard instructed his chef in Punabi: “Mango lime la na sadeya,” meaning: “Apply some mango lime on there will you, you nincompoop!” A clip of the incident attracted tens of thousands of views and shares across social media.

Manzano's peri peri Halal chicken restaurant Wales Bristol Reading

Bristol’s Manzano’s is more than just its mango lime, sadeya!

As a restaurant, however, Manzano’s is a labour of love, with Asam having created an enhanced version of Nandos, with signature inhouse sauces, all of which is fully Halal.

Located on 17-18 Straits Parade, the brand has an excellent menu, which includes an epic Hawaiian Salad that will tantalise the taste buds, gourmet burgers, and a special Kofta dish whose recipe is inspired by Asam’s mother.

From Bristol to the ‘land of song’ with Cardiff & Swansea

The ‘Land of Song’, as Wales is known, truly is a spectacular landscape with Mam Tor, or ‘mother hill’, in Derbyshire’s Castleton a very popular tourist destination.

Being the highest point in the area at 517m, a relatively manageable circular walk will reward hikers of virtually all ages with panoramic views, with the option of extending the walk to include surrounding hills available.

Wing Stack Cardiff Wales Halal fast street food chicken restaurant

Rated 4.5/5, Wing Stack is the UK’s best Halal chicken wing restaurant, period!

The country’s capital, Cardiff, boasts a large Muslim community which entails plenty of cuisines and a vibrant Halal restaurant scene starting with the city’s best chicken wing joint Wing Stack on Whitchurch Road.

Rated 4.5/5, the ambition and scope of this place is a blueprint of what a restaurant brand, which enters a competitive field, needs to do in order to stand out from the crowd.

Having teamed up with Michelin Chef James Sommerin on numerous occasions to create some uniquely memorable chicken wings, Wing Stack should undoubtedly be at the top of any culinary list, especially for serious Halal foodies.

Mirchi Cardiff Halal Pakistan Wales restaurant

Why do some of the world’s top cricketers visit Mirchi in Cardiff?

There are two Indo-Pakistani restaurants to certainly consider when in Cardiff, with both having their own unique strong points.

Multi-award winning Mirchi on City Road is a very popular spot especially for professional cricketers of a Pakistani origin, including England’s Moeen Ali, South Africa’s Imran Tahir, and a host of stars from Pakistan.

Zaika The Red dragon Halal Asian Cuisine in Cardiff Wales Halal restaurant food tour

Zaika Asian Cuisine offers authentic South Asian food in spectacular surroundings

There is, then, Zaika Asian Cuisine in the city’s most popular leisure and entertainment destination spot, The Red Dragon Centre, which boasts a big screen cinema, a 26-lane bowling alley, gaming centre, health club, and much more.

Watch out for the classic dishes of Nehari, a selection of Biryanis, slow-cooked Dal Makhani, Lamb Degi, and plenty of grilled dishes to name but a few.

The Cheesesteak Company Wales Halal restaurant

The Cheesesteak Company inspired by the American cheesesteak

If you’re looking for something entirely left-field, then don’t look past The Cheesesteak Company on Crwys Road whose menu has been inspired by the American cheesesteak, which first originated in the city of Philadelphia.

With a branch in Blackwood, this second is strikingly designed with a menu that revolves around plenty of cheese and steak, which includes their Cheesesteak sandwich, a selection of wraps, rice boxes, and burritos.

Wales Halal restaurant food tour with Korean Kokodoo in Swansea

Kokodoo’s award-winning KFC, or Korean fried chicken, in Swansea

On to the historic city of Swansea, which boasts 14 castles, with Oystermouth and Oxwich being two you won’t want to miss, there’s only one place to hit and that’s the Korean Kokodoo.

Ideally situated in between two mosques on Uplands Crescent, these guys specialise in Korean fried chicken, or KFC for short, and an award-winning, fully Halal food menu with an innovative selection of starters.

But it’s their extensive range of chicken that’ll raise the pulse, with five flavours to consider – Plain, Sweet & Spicy, Sticky Soy, Honey Glazed, and Fiery Chilli – which cannot be missed.

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